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Friday, June 3, 2011

I got my period today. It was one of the really bad ones that I was hoping I wouldn’t get anymore. The last bad one was in January.




Castor oil pack on entire abdomen


6 hours of diarrhea, cramps, hot sweats, shakes, chills, near-fainting white-outs, leg weakness, vomiting, headache and tingling limbs, all while in a semi-conscious state in which thinking and speech were nearly impossible, taking place on the toilet, in my bed, and when the bed got too far from the toilet, the bathroom floor.

Oh yes, and I had night sweats. And I had the usual severe pain in my hands and feet the whole time.

Then attempting to drink water only to be nauseated. The rest of the day has been attempted rest and attempted food while feeling my pulse in different parts of my body. Heart pounding too hard and too fast. Crying when I think about anything. About to try the castor oil pack…

Having this happen once sucks. Having it happen multiple times a year (between 2 and 12) for 20 years is just downright depressing.