Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease


Nothing on this website or blog is meant to be medical advice. If you have Lyme disease, or think you might, look for a Lyme-literate physician to help you get diagnosed and treated.

By using the coil machine, I’m trying something that is not FDA approved for any medical purpose, including the things I’m using it for. I’ve created this blog to share my experiences with Lyme and with the coil machine and to make a record that I can go back to.

Other non-medical treatments, like diet and detoxing, should be done in consultation with a health care practitioner. The Alfons Ven Lyme Package is not considered to be a medical treatment.

My opinions, as expressed here, are based on my experiences, not generalizable scientific or medical data. In other words, these are just my thoughts and observations and are not meant to be used by another person to guide their choices and actions.


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