Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

Focus on Babesia

As of July 2013, I’ve not had any Babesia symptoms in 8 months. This by itself is a triumph.

The brief history of my experience with Babesia is having identifiable symptoms of an active infection since sometime in 2007, being treated for it three times with pharmaceutical drugs and herbs (artemisia extract), and having relapses within weeks of stopping the chemicals each time.

When I started coiling, my plan was to focus on getting rid of Lyme first, while coiling only enough to prevent Babesia (and Bartonella and Candida) from getting worse. Instead, I ended up finding out that it was slowly going away and then getting more active again. So I coiled more, just to keep up, until I was coiling for 22 minutes twice a day. I coiled aggressively from October 2011 to January 2012, at which point it went away. All the symptoms stopped. I continued coiling twice daily for about three weeks past the end of the symptoms. Then I stopped coiling for eight months, at which point I had a relapse.

The relapse was both expected and disappointing. I had heard from other people who had used a coil machine to get rid of Babesia that I should expect a few relapses when the left-over dormant protozoa activate, each about 4 months after the active infection was killed off.

With the return of symptoms (night sweats, low blood pressure, heart palpitations, fatigue, migraines), I coiled aggressively until they went away again. I haven’t had symptoms since December. I assume I will have at least one more relapse before it is gone for good. Currently, I coil for 10 minutes once a week on my spleen, liver or heart. I’m trying to postpone a relapse before it starts, while I focus my coiling treatments on getting rid of Bartonella.

I’ve collected the posts that explain the process in more detail, including coiling protocols, symptoms lists, and other useful information.


When I coil for Babesia, I used 570Hz and 753Hz. Another frequency that I’ve learned about but not had success with 1583Hz.


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