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Second Shot and Moving On

I got my second shot of the Moderna covid-19 vaccine back on May 22. Like many people, I had some arm soreness, some body aches and sleepiness, but after two days, I was fine. In fact, I was better than fine. I felt about as well as I have in the past year. Although I haven’t joined the covid “long-haulers” community, my body hasn’t been right since I had a […]

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First Shot and After Effects

Rose pointing to the bandaid over her vaccine site

I received the first shot of Moderna’s covid vaccine on April 24. It turns out I was excited, giddy even, to get vaccinated. I went in with lots of hopes, like flying across the country to see my family, and getting rid of the post-acute covid symptoms that have plagued me. I was ready for things to be a bit iffy with my tick-borne infections, and I had a plan […]

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Disulfiram trial 2

I had such good intentions to write about what was happening with disulfiram as I took it. But then COVID-19 happened, and a sick housemate, and I got what I think was a mild case, and when we were better, we got into making masks for friends and family and somehow it’s already July. That said, I have much to report. I took disulfiram for 97 days. Some things got […]

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