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Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

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I’ve been having my ups and downs for the past few weeks. It’s only this past weekend that I’ve started to feel normal again, and yet today, I’ve been fighting brain fog. After a few hours on the couch doing nothing, I remembered that I wrote notes about what needs to go in the next blog post and decided to try writing. So here goes. Over the past few weeks, […]

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Finishing that thought

Yesterday, I had to stop using the computer because it was making a migraine worse. By some magic (and a head massage from my husband) I woke up this morning with no pain in my head. All day, I’ve been feeling a little spot on the left side of my head throb, with mild to moderate pain that comes and goes. Still, that’s not so bad. If anything, I’m learning […]

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Up & Down & Up & Down & Up Again

The past two weeks have been full. We had a fumigator come to tent our house and kill termites. This required us to move our food (at a minimum) and a lot of other stuff (because I am so sensitive to chemical irritants) out of the house. Then we moved back in a few days later. We’ve also had invited guests and planned a few activities to celebrate my husband’s […]

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