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Exercising Restraint

I’ve been thinking about exercise these past few weeks. I want to go running or do yoga, but I find myself exhausted every day. I’m sure it is from waking up the Lyme infection, but it has me reflecting on my previously aborted exercise schemes. While I’m musing, I’m also taking a philosophical look at naps. I finally took one today. It was shorter than I needed, and thus less […]

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What to do about Insomnia

I’ve read over and over that one of the symptoms of Lyme Disease is insomnia. That hasn’t been the case with me, although if you’d asked me this between 2008 and a few months ago, I would have thought it was. After coiling for separate tick borne illnesses, I’ve been able to parse out which infections cause which types of sleep problems for me. Lyme Disease: lots of sleep, too […]

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Plan Update…already

Since yesterday, when I wrote about my current coiling plan, I’ve made a change. It seems that the Bartonella red-flag, pain in my feet upon waking, has become an almost daily occurrence. So I’ve changed it a little, to fight the Bartonella. I’ll be coiling my abdomen daily for Bartonella instead of every other day. Go figure. The reason, as I understand it, is that as Lyme dies down, it […]

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Sleep and insomnia

One of the issues that arises repeatedly is getting the right amount of sleep. In the early years of debilitating Lyme Disease, I slept a lot, 10-16 hours a day. It seemed like I couldn’t get enough. When that phase was over (after I started antibiotics), it’s been more varied. I’ve gone through periods when I can’t sleep well or for full 6 to 8 hour stretches. I end up […]

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