Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease


Starting with Disulfiram

One week ago, I took my first dose of disulfiram. My doctor wants me to start slowly to see how bad the herxes are, so it’s been 62.5mg every third day, which will continue for one more week. If I can tolerate it, we’ll increase the frequency of the doses. To be honest, I’m chomping at the bit to take more, sooner. I had to remind myself that when I […]

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Rethinking the Possibilities

Tomorrow, I’ll see a LLMD about taking disulfiram (antabuse) to see if it can finally wipe out my Lyme Disease infection. Maybe Babesia will get destroyed, too, if I can believe what I’ve read in the case study as well as message boards. So much of what I’m worried about is the “too good to be true” problem with almost every Lyme Disease treatment/cure I’ve read about or tried. For […]

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