Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease


Second Shot and Moving On

I got my second shot of the Moderna covid-19 vaccine back on May 22. Like many people, I had some arm soreness, some body aches and sleepiness, but after two days, I was fine. In fact, I was better than fine. I felt about as well as I have in the past year. Although I haven’t joined the covid “long-haulers” community, my body hasn’t been right since I had a […]

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Disulfiram update (with covid–19 in the house)

When I realized that I hadn’t had a respiratory infection since 2001 after my Lyme “flu,” I had a fantasy that if there were ever an epidemic respiratory disease, the Lyme bacteria would protect me. Some people I spoke to said that the way Lyme disease changes the human immune system does two things: first, it suppresses the part of the immune system that tries to attack the Lyme bacteria; […]

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The problem is that Disulfiram works

I’ve been in bed for most of the last ten days because Disulfiram works. It started when I increased my dose from 250mg nightly to 312.5mg nightly. I had a good day and then the herx hit me pretty hard. It was the usual stuff, severe headache lasting 3 days, urgent loose bowel movements, fatigue, low appetite, problems regulating body temperature. It is what I expected. After the three day […]

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Peaks and Troughs

Part 1 I’ve now been taking Disulfiram for a month. I started with a low dose, 62.5mg every three days. After two weeks, I moved up to 125mg every three days, but it felt like too long between doses. After checking in with my doctor, we made it every other day. After five doses, once again, I felt like it was too long between doses, so we moved up to […]

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Starting with Disulfiram

One week ago, I took my first dose of disulfiram. My doctor wants me to start slowly to see how bad the herxes are, so it’s been 62.5mg every third day, which will continue for one more week. If I can tolerate it, we’ll increase the frequency of the doses. To be honest, I’m chomping at the bit to take more, sooner. I had to remind myself that when I […]

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Rethinking the Possibilities

Tomorrow, I’ll see a LLMD about taking disulfiram (antabuse) to see if it can finally wipe out my Lyme Disease infection. Maybe Babesia will get destroyed, too, if I can believe what I’ve read in the case study as well as message boards. So much of what I’m worried about is the “too good to be true” problem with almost every Lyme Disease treatment/cure I’ve read about or tried. For […]

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