Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

Disulfiram reboot (with coiling this time)

For the past few months, since I stopped taking disulfiram due to side effects, I’ve been using the coil machine to try to stem the resurgence of Lyme disease and Babesia that have been slowly waking up. Things got worse at the end of January when I have my usual seasonal Lyme disease flare. Since then, I haven’t been able to get Lyme or Babesia under control.

I had planned on starting disulfiram over again in April when I returned from a trip to visit my family. However, because of covid–19, we canceled the trip. I decided to start sooner when all the frequencies that I’ve used for Babesia no longer seem to work. Between the fatigue and the cardiac symptoms, I didn’t want to wait a single day longer.

The plan

I’ve started out taking 62.5 mg of disulfiram every other night. I continue to coil for Lyme and Babesia every day, at least as much as I was doing before. I coil my entire body for Lyme twice a week, and do my central nervous system the rest of the days. I coil my entire body for Babesia every day, using 570 Hz, 753 Hz, and 1583 Hz, in three sessions over the course of the day.

In addition to the disulfiram, I am taking oil of oregano to keep the Bartonella from flaring up. The plan is to switch to coiling for Bartonella once either the Lyme or Babesia symptoms are controlled by disulfiram. I am also taking Zyrtec and Benadryl, as both antihistamines should help minimize information caused by the herxes.

I’m still taking my other supplements, some vitamins and minerals, some herbs, all of which seem to help. In particular, chance piedra helps with the kidneys and liver. I am currently taking NAC, which might inactivate some of the disulfiram. Eventually I will stop taking it.

At some point, I’ll take 62.5 mg of disulfiram daily. I’m not sure if I will increase beyond that, certainly not for several months. I want to make sure that I don’t end up with the psychiatric or neurological side effects that made me stop taking it the first time. I have read that many people see slow improvement, but improvement nonetheless, even on such a low dose. If at some point I think I can handle more, I may increase the dose in consultation with my doctor.

How it’s working

So far I’ve only taken two doses. The day after each dose, my Babesia symptoms were less. I had some energy and more concentration than I’ve felt in several weeks. On the first in-between day, the Babesia was just as bad as before. I’m on my second in-between day, and I’m doing okay, at least, I’m well enough to write. However, I am having cardiac symptoms.

Even these low doses seem to shake up Bartonella. I’ve had some tingling in my feet, which makes me nervous, as the neuropathy in my feet was the final straw that made me give up on disulfiram the first time. It isn’t painful yet, but more like the Bartonella tingling I’m use to.

The main side effect so far is insomnia. It’s much worse than before I started the disulfiram. Before I started, I had a hard time falling asleep, and sometimes woke during the night for about a half-hour. Over the past several nights, I’ve had a hard time falling asleep, I sleep lightly and wake often, I find myself tossing and turning and overheated. I’ve gone from one to two night sweats per night before the drug to three to five now that I’m on it. I’m guessing this is a good sign, because in the past my insomnia has gotten worse when I was treating Babesia aggressively.

Hermit Crab at Monterey Bay Aquarium

Those of you who have been following this blog for a long time, I want to let you know that my intention is to keep you apprised more regularly of the disulfiram journey. I’m trying not to take a dose that will put me out of commission, but will instead create slow improvement that will allow me to use my computer and be able to function on a daily basis.

If you are also taking disulfiram, please let me know what has worked for you and any other traps I should avoid. If you are considering taking disulfiram, make sure to check with the doctor, and also be aware of all of the food restrictions, which I’m not detailing today. Good luck to you all.

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