Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

healing process

First Shot and After Effects

Rose pointing to the bandaid over her vaccine site

I received the first shot of Moderna’s covid vaccine on April 24. It turns out I was excited, giddy even, to get vaccinated. I went in with lots of hopes, like flying across the country to see my family, and getting rid of the post-acute covid symptoms that have plagued me. I was ready for things to be a bit iffy with my tick-borne infections, and I had a plan […]

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COVID-19 Vaccine Plan

Let me start by saying I had no question in my mind that I would get vaccinated for COVID-19. I wasn’t sure when or which vaccine, but I have family I can only visit by plane (driving from coast to coast roundtrip once last summer was enough for a lifetime). So I knew that, unless specific contraindications for people with chronic Lyme Disease were published by the FDA or CDC, […]

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Slow Motion Replay

I have now taken 12 doses of disulfiram at 62.5 mg one time per week. Taking it at such a low dose and so far apart, has allowed me to watch what happens after each dose. I chose this method because I had good results doing something similar with the coil machine back in 2011. Going at a slow pace, with a lot of time in between, allows the herx […]

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Disulfiram and the Lyme Co-infections

Let me start with the update. Tonight I take my fifth dose of disulfiram, 62.5mg in the evening. Each subsequent dose after the first one has led to a smaller and smaller Lyme herx. At this point, I think I will increase the dose after the sixth dose (no need to knock myself out for Thanksgiving). The herxes are less apparent in the headaches, brain fog, and other neurological manifestations. […]

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Disulfiram Round 3

Two days ago, on October 19, I took 62.5mg of disulfiram. This is the third time I’m taking it, after stopping in the past due to side effects. Each of the past two times, I started with a different idea of where the disulfiram fits in my battle against Lyme Disease, and I have a new idea this time. Each time I stopped disulfiram, I could see the benefits, benefits […]

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Disulfiram trial 2

I had such good intentions to write about what was happening with disulfiram as I took it. But then COVID-19 happened, and a sick housemate, and I got what I think was a mild case, and when we were better, we got into making masks for friends and family and somehow it’s already July. That said, I have much to report. I took disulfiram for 97 days. Some things got […]

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Disulfiram Slam

Last autumn, I decided to try to disulfiram for Lyme disease. I read as much as I could from other people using it. I consulted with a Lyme-literate physician. I kept him in the loop as I increased slowly, maybe not so slowly. After a while, he told me just let him know if I needed help. This is my story. Before I get into the nitty-gritty, I’m going to […]

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Peaks and Troughs

Part 1 I’ve now been taking Disulfiram for a month. I started with a low dose, 62.5mg every three days. After two weeks, I moved up to 125mg every three days, but it felt like too long between doses. After checking in with my doctor, we made it every other day. After five doses, once again, I felt like it was too long between doses, so we moved up to […]

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A Question of Resistance

I’m on day 17 of Disulfiram. I took 5 doses of 62.5mg every third day. Last night, on the same schedule, I increased to my first dose of 125mg. So far, I have not felt much of anything out of the ordinary. I have the same loose bowels of the past 7 weeks. I have the same aches and pains with none flaring and none diminishing. The only thing that […]

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Starting with Disulfiram

One week ago, I took my first dose of disulfiram. My doctor wants me to start slowly to see how bad the herxes are, so it’s been 62.5mg every third day, which will continue for one more week. If I can tolerate it, we’ll increase the frequency of the doses. To be honest, I’m chomping at the bit to take more, sooner. I had to remind myself that when I […]

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