Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

healing process

Rethinking the Possibilities

Tomorrow, I’ll see a LLMD about taking disulfiram (antabuse) to see if it can finally wipe out my Lyme Disease infection. Maybe Babesia will get destroyed, too, if I can believe what I’ve read in the case study as well as message boards. So much of what I’m worried about is the “too good to be true” problem with almost every Lyme Disease treatment/cure I’ve read about or tried. For […]

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Back on Track

These past few months have been all about returning to what I know works best for my body. These past few weeks have been about discerning which infections need treatment and how to fit that into each day. I’m coiling daily. I’m off all the herbs that I used to suppress the infections while I had visitors and couldn’t coil. Little by little I’m regaining my strength even as I […]

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Familiar Territory

In June, I visited Jackson Heights, the place where I grew up and where I lived as an adult for seven years before moving to California. I know the streets and the stores. I have friends there and recognize neighbors whom I knew more casually. I know how to get around. Despite the ways in which I was in familiar territory, many things were different. The post office is in […]

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More to Life than Lyme

During the year and a half that I was on antibiotics, I struggled to continue the projects I’d been doing. Backing up to the time after I stopped coiling, I began to slowly relapse and struggle with the projects I was doing. I was working on a novel and taking online writing classes. I was blogging. I was going for long walks and thinking about trying to increase the amount […]

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Over the past few months, I’ve been itchy to stop taking antibiotics. The itch was both literal and figurative. One can take antibiotics for only so long before the gut microbiome gets out of whack and itching in the diaper zone begins. (That is for another post.) Figuratively, the itch to stop had to do with all the other things that antibiotics don’t do so well. All the time I […]

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Transition Zone

It’s been over a month since I stopped the Alfons Ven remedies. I had a plan, once I stopped, to see a doctor and go on antibiotics for a while. I had a plan, you see, because I’m as well as I expect to get before my ovaries stop producing eggs. So I’d like to try to get pregnant, but I’d like to do so without infecting my husband or […]

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Alfons Ven Lyme Package Redux

After six months using the Alfons Ven Lyme Package, I’ve learned a lot about how it worked on me and what its limits were. The first four months, I saw big improvements. The last two months, I seemed to get worse, as if the formula wasn’t strong enough to combat the infections. I am aware that some other people who have taken it decided it didn’t work at some point, […]

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After the Third Package

Things are definitely shifting. I finished the third Alfons Ven CHIM package on May 16 (7 days ago). The last two weeks were easier than the first two weeks of the package, and more importantly, easier than the first two packages. So far I’m pleased with my progress. Besides reporting on the second half of the CHIM package and the break between packages, I have two things on my mind. […]

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After the second package

The night before last, I took the last dose (#28) of my second package of the Alfons Ven CHIM remedy. Yet again, I feel like this treatment is a wild ride. I’ve had a few really good days, several days where my mind was clear but my body hurt, and some bad days. The question I keep asking myself (and my husband and my acupuncturist) is: am I getting better? […]

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