Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

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Back to Basics

In my last blog, I talked about viruses. It was part of a side trip I took on my journey towards wellness. Although I sometimes think I have another infection, or several, that contributes to my symptoms, I learned once again that until I get rid of the three basic infections, nothing else will get me well. The first clue is that when I stopped coiling for all the viral […]

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In Praise of Thoroughness

Kidneys As I reported last time, it took four years of coiling to discover my right kidney. You may laugh. It was there all along. I never, ever thought about it as a place to coil. My kidneys are where the toxins go out. I tried to be nice to them, to drink lots of water, sometimes with fresh lemon juice, to take supplements that tonify them as well as […]

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What to do about Insomnia

I’ve read over and over that one of the symptoms of Lyme Disease is insomnia. That hasn’t been the case with me, although if you’d asked me this between 2008 and a few months ago, I would have thought it was. After coiling for separate tick borne illnesses, I’ve been able to parse out which infections cause which types of sleep problems for me. Lyme Disease: lots of sleep, too […]

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