Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

In Praise of Thoroughness


As I reported last time, it took four years of coiling to discover my right kidney. You may laugh. It was there all along. I never, ever thought about it as a place to coil. My kidneys are where the toxins go out. I tried to be nice to them, to drink lots of water, sometimes with fresh lemon juice, to take supplements that tonify them as well as detoxify them, to acknowledge their vital role in my healing.

I’ve spent lots of time thinking about my kidneys, especially after I learned that weak kidney energy is associated with hair that turns gray earlier than average for one’s family (like mine started doing in 2008). I thought about my kidneys when they hurt, which is every time I’ve made an effort to eradicate Bartonella (including the times that predated coiling, when I used antibiotics, one of which may have helped me generate a kidney stone). I’ve wondered about the health of my kidneys when I have urinary tract problems, also associated with Bartonella. But coiling them directly never occurred to me.

After my last post, when I decided to start coiling my right kidney for Babesia, I thought about my kidneys some more. I’ve been coiling my left kidney all along, given its proximity to my spleen, which I know needs to be coiled for every infection. Since then, I’ve coiled my right kidney for Lyme. I didn’t see much of a difference, same level of herx as the previous week, on my weekly Lyme coiling schedule. I’ve also coiled my right kidney for Bartonella, once, and that’s where things get muddy.


After more than three years of coiling my whole body, minus my abdomen, for Babesia, I started to wonder if I was missing something. This line of questioning came directly from pondering over the importance of my right kidney. Anyway, when I first started talking to people who coiled to ask them about what they did that worked, they mentioned “everywhere” for a minute, plus enough time on the liver and heart/lungs to irradiate the entire blood stream. The amount of time suggested varied between 5 and 10 minutes. I opted for 10 minutes on each location.

I tried to figure out what everywhere meant. I determined that since Babesia lives in blood cells and purportedly hides in red bone marrow, that everywhere referred to my skeleton. That gave me a way to figure out a decent protocol, which I used to great effect, but didn’t get me to the end. That’s when I discovered my spleen. Coiling my spleen for 10 minutes not only made me herx a lot, but it also made the infection go dormant. Wow. That was fabulous. After three weeks of no symptoms that were directly and obviously from Babesia, I stopped coiling. I felt like a new woman. This was in the bad old days, when walking around the block was enough to put me in bed for the rest of the day and maybe several subsequent days. As a new woman, I felt way better. I could walk further before I got tuckered out. I still had to nap after any exertion, but I wasn’t always destroyed for all activity for an extended recovery spell.

One thing bothered me: I knew it wasn’t gone for good. Sometime after I stopped coiling, I had crazy night sweats for about a week. Then they stopped. They would return intermittently for a night or two, then go away. I didn’t suffer from extreme fatigue or light sensitivity or migraines, at least most of the time. When I did, the problems would come all together but for a few days. I think I relapse before I recognized it, but until the full relapse, I was kind of okay.

I have since made it dormant twice using approximately the same protocol as the first time. The infection dies down quickly when I coil a lot. The same problem with the ending repeats, I get intense night sweats for a few days, then I’m okay for months at a time.

This time, however, I want to be finished. I added in a second frequency 753 Hz, which made me herx after I was asymptomatic using 570 Hz on my old protocol. The herx took a few days to come and was short-lived and mild, only a few days of night sweats and a headache. I added in my right kidney, again I herxed after a few days, short and mild. Finally I tried my abdomen, just to be thorough. I wanted to leave no location where the protozoa can hide. After a few days, I herxed a little more than I did when I started coiling my right kidney: one day of horrible fatigue, one long headache, two nights of sweats, and on the last morning, a visual aura. Then the herx seemed to be gone.

Except, I’m having trouble with my heart. This is where it gets muddy.

But first, the three lessons I’ve learned this autumn:

  1. Coil Everywhere means coil everywhere. For systemic infections, especially these chronic infections that haven’t been adequately studied and are poorly understood, we don’t know where they hide, except for the general location in the host body. Furthermore, the abdomen has lots of places for microbes to hide and must be coiled for every infection.
  2. It can take a few days of coiling to herx, especially after the body’s detoxification routes are functioning again and the infection load is not overwhelming.
  3. Babesia kept relapsing because I gave it places to hide.


This is where we get to the muddy part. For some period of time, I’m not sure when exactly it started, but sometime after I started coiling my right kidney for Babesia, I’ve had a mild sensation on the left side of my lower throat. It’s there all the time. It isn’t exactly a swelling, but the sensation feels a bit like my neck or throat might be swollen. It isn’t painful. In fact it was unremarkable enough for me to notice and dismiss it.

About a week ago, I saw a stethoscope lying around and listened to my heart to see if the prolapse in my tricuspid was acting up. (That was a strange way to say it, but bear with me.) I have gone for long periods of time when my heartbeat was normal: lub-dub, lub-dub. At those points, I don’t seem to have a tricuspid prolapse. When my blood pressure is low, or I gave shortness of breath, or I have pain or fluttering in my chest, I can invariably hear the change in heartbeat that accompanies a tricuspid prolapse: lub-a-dub, lub-a-dub. Well, when I listened to my heartbeat a week or so ago, I heard: lub-a-dub, lub-a-dub. I went back over my records and did a new search for “tricuspid valve prolapse vagus nerve” because I knew that the Bartonella infection was acting up. I learned two things: first, one experimental treatment for tricuspid valve prolapse is vagus nerve stimulation. This is interesting, and makes me wonder if it is possible to get my heart working right without completely killing off the Bartonella infection. Second, one of the symptoms of a tricuspid valve prolapse is a funny sensation in the left side of the neck or throat. I realized I knew that at some point in the past, but had forgotten.

I’m not totally sure how to interpret the heart problem, which means I don’t know what to do about it. Is it because I’m coiling my right kidney and abdomen for Babesia, and this is the low-level herx that keeps going and going, and will continue until I’ve eradicated the infection? Or is this evidence that I’m back-sliding on Bartonella and need to focus on it big-time in order to get my heart working again?

The good news is that all the cardiologists I’ve seen never seemed too worried about the tricuspid valve prolapse. They let me know it might be symptomatic sometimes, and that I should be careful not to overdo exercise, instead building up slowly to whatever program I want to do. The only treatment they talked about was a pacemaker, which seemed and still seems way too extreme for the level at which this particular irregularity impacts my life. The other good news is that the heart problem tends to get less symptomatic when I take co-enzyme Q-10, which I will start doing when I stop coiling and visit my family for Christmas.

The potentially bad news is that I’ll have to keep coiling for Babesia when I return. The problem with that is the time I spend each day on that infection while the other infections don’t get treated sufficiently. Furthermore, for the past two nights, I’ve had night sweats again. What the heck? The previous night sweat was two weeks ago. Somethings going on. Again, I’m not sure if it’s some deeper layer of Babesia that I’m finally getting at, or just possibly, that since I’ve started intermittently coiling for Bartonella, I’m herxing from it.


When I started this intensive Babesia protocol, I expected it to be about a month long. I had been coiling one frequency to the point where the symptoms were starting to go away. I figured I would add in the second frequency, herx a little, then coil for three more weeks. Instead, I made all these discoveries of what I was missing in my coiling protocol. Now it is looking like I’ll be coiling intensively for Babesia for two months to get to the end of my original plan. Then I won’t be coiling for a little more than 2 weeks while I’m away.

As a result, the other infections have had a pass. I’m doing an all-day coil-a-thon on Mondays, when I do the entire Lyme protocol and the entire Babesia protocol. At first, the Lyme infection would get active on Sundays before I coiled again. Then it calmed down. The herx is pretty minimal, with a lot of sleepiness and the need for long nights of sleep (10-11 hours). The Lyme is somewhat symptomatic with the recent rain storms. I feel it in my spine and in my knees. I feel better after I coil. It has also been more active over Thanksgiving week, when I indulged in sugars and wheat and other grains. I have more aches and pains, but it isn’t at a disabling level, for which I am grateful. I got one ugly Lyme headache in the back of my head to coincide with the last Babesia headache. The good thing was that a little Advil got rid of the nuchal headache and I only had to deal with the Babesia pain.

Bartonella has been a bigger issue. For a few weeks I only coiled once per week, on my head, shoulders and spine. It was enough to have a small herx consisting of difficult bowel movements and butt acne. (Why does that have to be the marker of a Bartonella herx?) However, this amount of coiling wasn’t enough to stem the rising tide of Bartonella symptoms. At this point, the symptoms include:

  • lower abdominal pain,
  • bladder pain & frequent urination,
  • nerve pain and tingling in my hands and arms, especially at night and when I wake up in the morning,
  • a feeling of electrical static at my nerve endings,
  • pain and muscle tension in my neck, shoulders and upper back,
  • headaches on the top of my head,
  • sleep disturbances (waking multiple times during the night, often with my hands numb),
  • digestive tract issues: difficulty swallowing, burping and indigestion, slow digestion and difficult bowel movements,
  • brain fog and word recall difficulties, and
  • tiring easily.

Frankly, I think all of these problems stem from my vagus nerve. I wonder now if the problems with my heart are also from my vagus nerve. I don’t really know.

Here’s a piece of logic about attributing symptoms to Bartonella that I had wrong until a few weeks ago. I think I got infected with Bartonella when I was 2 1/2 years old, the time of my first known tick-bite. There were lots of crazy symptoms I had that were not normal for a child, or later, an adolescent. These symptoms definitely got worse at times then resolved on their own. I had a second tick bite when I was 26. That’s when I think I got infected with Lyme bacteria and Babesia.

For a long time, I attributed all symptoms that predate 2001 to Bartonella and all symptoms that began after to the other illnesses, notwithstanding a certain amount of overlap. This has mostly borne out through treatment (pharmaceutical or coiling), with the symptoms that flare and go away with treatment for each of the infections.

However, I didn’t account for two facts:

  1. Some Bartonella symptoms may have appeared for the first time in the presence of the other two infections because my immune system was suppressed or preoccupied and Bartonella bacteria could infiltrate other body systems that were previously protected against invasion. In other words, the Bartonella may have gotten worse because I was sicker overall.
  2. Since we never knew it was Bartonella causing all sorts of crazy problems, I had to deal with a lot of accusations of being a hypochondriac. Thus I didn’t visit doctors unless I thought they could do something about my complaints, or the symptoms severely restricted my activities (like when I couldn’t type from the swelling in my wrists and nerve pain in my arms and neck shortly after the second tick bite).

Thus, I didn’t get diagnosed with a tricuspid valve prolapse until I fainted in 2001. After I had been going to acupuncture for a year or so, my heart went back to normal. Well, I fainted in 1995, same deal, only I was in France (at Lourdes, no less), so I didn’t see a doctor right away, or in fact, for almost six months. Who knows if I had a tricuspid valve prolapse back then that righted itself? I sure don’t. It could be just another symptom of a Bartonella flare, not a symptom of Babesia, as I have been thinking.

Which brings me back to Bartonella treatment. I coiled several times last week for Bartonella, expanding the areas I coil to include my abdomen, chest, liver, spleen and both kidneys. I felt better. I no longer had the pervasive feeling of electrical static in my skin. The headaches calmed down. I could think better. I wasn’t quite so tired (until I coiled for Lyme again). I had a few uninterrupted nights of sleep. The digestive issues are still there, well actually all the other symptoms are still there. I didn’t coil enough to really make a dent.

I’m not sure what to do from here. I haven’t felt like coiling for Bartonella this week because now I herx without getting real relief. Why bother? But it’s been a long time. I’ll stop coiling on December 15, the day before I go visit my sister’s family. I’m trying to decide the best course of action between now and then.


My final thought for this post is about the end…the end of the digestive process that is. We recently installed toilets that have a lower water use in response to the drought in California. They are about 1 1/4″ higher than the previous toilets. For some reason, this small difference makes puts me in a position that makes it harder to defecate.

I investigated the availability and price of foot stools designed for the toilet. I had seen these long ago at a colonics salon. I discovered they came in multiple heights. So I decided to test out the foot stool we already have, which is 9 1/4″ high, about the height of the taller stool they sell at Bed, Bath & Beyond. I thought it would be way too high.

No way. It is perfect. Now, not only am I saving $25, but I find it so much easier to evacuate. I still have trouble, but less cramping and less time mentally communicating with my colon asking it to do its job.

I dedicate this final section to all who suffer from constipation and are looking for simple relief.


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