Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

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In Praise of Thoroughness

Kidneys As I reported last time, it took four years of coiling to discover my right kidney. You may laugh. It was there all along. I never, ever thought about it as a place to coil. My kidneys are where the toxins go out. I tried to be nice to them, to drink lots of water, sometimes with fresh lemon juice, to take supplements that tonify them as well as […]

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The Trouble with Triggers

These past few weeks, I’ve been feeling worse. For a while, I was confused. I thought things were getting better. I tried to trigger the Lyme infection using a series of vaccinations. Nothing happened at first. So I assumed that the vaccinations did not have a triggering effect and forgot about them. About two and a half weeks after the first vaccination, I started having heart problems. It seemed random. […]

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Indirect Connections

For the past week, I’ve been having heart problems. Unfortunately, there is nothing to do for them. I think they are the same problems I’ve had in the past: tricuspid valve prolapse with some regurgitation. I recognize the sound when I listen to my heartbeat. As the days pass without this particular symptom letting up, I’ve been thinking about my history of heart troubles. I found a connection in them, […]

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