Coiling for Kidney Stones

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It turns out that other people have used Rife machines and coil machines for kidney stones and urinary tract infections. I grabbed a bunch of frequencies off a trusted web page and picked 6 to coil with. I did 2 minutes each on my lower abdomen in the front, over my bladder and the parts that hurt, then 2 minutes over each kidney for the frequencies under 1000Hz, tomorrow I’ll do one minute each for the frequencies above it.

Wow, that coil can get hot. I’m sure it could get much hotter before damaging itself (by melting the plastic insulation on the wires). I’m too sensitive to heat to let it get nearly that hot. So after 12 minutes, I let it cool. Then went back to it later.

I decided it was too heavy to hold over my kidneys in my back while standing, so I lay on my side on my bed (after carefully measuring to find a spot where the coil’s field won’t interrupt any electrical equipment) to do my kidneys. I lay on my back and put the coil over me to do the front. I may use that position to coil for Lyme and the other tick borne illnesses once I get past the minute mark for coiling time on them.


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