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Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

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Instructions on using the coil machine.

Sleep and insomnia

One of the issues that arises repeatedly is getting the right amount of sleep. In the early years of debilitating Lyme Disease, I slept a lot, 10-16 hours a day. It seemed like I couldn’t get enough. When that phase was over (after I started antibiotics), it’s been more varied. I’ve gone through periods when I can’t sleep well or for full 6 to 8 hour stretches. I end up […]

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Coiling isn’t for everyone

For most of the time I’ve been treating Lyme Disease and my other tick-borne infections, the main treatments were antibiotic pills and other supplements, rest and, when I was up to it, exercise. Things got better as I did more detoxing, although that, too, was mostly through oral agents. These treatments were not enough for me to cross the finish line. I had to add colonics and hot baths to […]

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New Lyme Coiling Plan

I spoke to one of my fellow Lyme-combattant-coilers last week. She sent me a different coiling schedule than the one I was using. (I mentioned this the day I spoke to her.) It’s an interesting idea that I’ve been processing for the past week or so while I try out the concept. The basic premise is that I’ll cover my whole body with the coil over the course of one […]

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Menstrual Health

For those of you who know me in real life (not just through my blog), you are aware that I’ll talk about anything. Anything at all. Just bring up what’s on your mind and I’m ready to discuss. And if you take too long, I’ll ask you about it myself. Tonight I’m thinking about blood. Several years ago, I was talking to a few friends about our menstrual cycles and […]

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Waiting for the storm

My neighborhood is restless with anticipation. I went for a walk today. There were people doing last minute vegetable shopping (like me) in a small vegetable store which I have never seen so empty of produce. Mostly the customers were chatty and friendly, more so than usual. I think people had reached the point where they were as prepared as they were going to get and now it is time […]

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Lyme Disease Research Wish List

Last night was pretty horrible. The worst pain was coming out of the left side of my lower spine (L3-L5 area) and shooting a burning sensation down my leg. It was all too familiar. It got me to thinking about the EMG (or all 4 of them because each new neurologist had to redo the damn test) which showed that I had polyradiculopathy on both sides of my spine in […]

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Ruminating on deferred dreams

I spent the day today with other artists who are looking at the role capitalist oppression plays in our relationship to our artwork. Some are artists who get income from their work. Some, like me, are not. Still I take writing very seriously. A few days ago, I was lamenting the fact that I haven’t been writing. It isn’t quite accurate, of course, to say that I haven’t been writing […]

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It’s summertime. Watermelon is in season. It’s juicy and delicious, especially when it’s just out of the refrigerator. So I cheated last night. Once I had the first piece, I figured I would have an allergic reaction later, so I ate more. I ate my summer’s allotment. I had a tiny piece of watermelon on Tuesday. It gave me gas and loose stools the next morning. No biggie. But twice […]

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Summer is my best season. My body works best in warm weather. As long as I can breathe, which I can when the humidity isn’t excessive, I’m happy in the heat. It got pretty warm today, I think 86 deg. F. in Jackson Heights, where I live. I went for a walk in the late afternoon. My limbs felt limber. I went for a short walk and when I got […]

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Early to bed…

One of the things I’ve been struggling with lately is fatigue. It’s killing me. The trick is to figure out what’s causing it, then see if I can manage it. Sometimes fatigue just has to be rested away. It got better for a few days by coiling extra for Babesia. Then it got worse again. So I skipped a day of Babesia, thinking that maybe I’m Herxing too much. But […]

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