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Buddha Belly

I’ve got a big Buddha belly today. Actually, this is day three of looking pregnant…again.

It seems that as the Bartonella has flared up again, with all the symptoms I’ve been mentioning in the past several posts, the food sensitivities have returned.


I went out to eat on Friday night to a Mexican restaurant. I was very good about not eating tomatoes (though I did dip a chip or two into the salsa, I didn’t eat anymore than a taste of the juices). I didn’t consume any dairy. I did, however, eat corn tortillas, guacamole (with the tomato chunks picked out) and a few strands of caramelized onions. I also indulged in some of the juice from fried red bell peppers. But I didn’t eat them, as they are night shades.

I suspected my belly might blow up after dinner, which it did. This summer, I’ve had a few belly blow-ups. Each one has lasted, at most, for the rest of the day. The next morning, I’ve consistently been done with the swollen abdomen. Not this time.

I woke up Saturday morning with a big belly. I woke up again today with a big belly. I think that the food sensitivity to malvin (found in corn and avocados and strawberries and other red foods) has reactivated with the rest of the Bartonella flare. Eating a little bit of the strawberry jam I made with my husband hasn’t helped my cause. Instead, I find my belly big and staying that way.

Oh well. This is Bartonella. Someone, a long time ago, promised me that all the food sensitivities disappear when the Bartonella is gone. I can only hope that’s true. What I can say so far is that when the Bartonella was being beaten and I ate fermented cabbage, one of my food sensitivities went away. Now that the Bartonella is more active, despite continuing to eat fermented cabbage, the food sensitivity has returned.

The good news is that over the past few days, I’ve only had a swollen belly. No tooth pain. No diarrhea, just the usual IBS symptoms. Just the regular headaches (not a worse one). No extra joint pain (just the usual). I’m lucky for now with the symptoms. I’m unlucky in that I have to start restricting my diet further, again.


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  1. Oh, wow. I didn’t realize food sensitivities were related to Bartonella. My son is suspected of having it, but we’re already 2 months into treating Babesia… sigh… it doesn’t seem to end.

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