Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

Testing 515Hz

Sometimes I do two things at once and just make a mess as I try to figure out what is causing my problems. On Saturday, I had my second dose of rabies vaccine and my only dose of typhoid vaccine. When nothing happened by Sunday, I decided to try the next test frequency, 515Hz for protomyxzoa. Today, Monday, I feel pretty bad.


The vaccines this weekend generated minimal discomfort, the kind that is normally expected with these vaccines: soreness at the site of the vaccine with some redness. No big deal.

I didn’t get anything close to a Lyme flare from the vaccinations…at least not yet. I didn’t even have any obvious Lyme symptoms on Friday or Saturday, like I did the previous week when more than 5 days passed between Lyme coiling days. All I had was the end of the 690Hz herx reaction.

When I took the vaccines, I told the doctor about my congestion and the sensation of throat swelling the previous week. Even though we were pretty sure I didn’t have an allergic reaction, he had me take benadryl beforehand, just in case.

I got tired and sleepy after the benadryl took effect. But I was awake enough to coil for Lyme on Saturday, and rested otherwise.

Sunday I felt pretty good, for me. I was a bit overheated when I went for a walk. I was tired for part of the day, but I was able to bake a failed loaf of flax seed bread. I didn’t see any problem introducing a new variable. Maybe I should have waited, but I didn’t.


I decided to test the frequency for Protomyxzoa as the next in my series of trying to figure out if I have additional infections that are preventing me from healing completely. I chose it because my night sweats came back on Friday night. I started to wonder if I have something besides Babesia that could be causing them.

Protomyxzoa is a protozoa, just like Babesia. It has several symptoms in common with Babesia, including night sweats and fatigue (which have been plaguing me lately). There are long lists of symptoms you can find on several websites, including this one, but mostly I only have those two.

Protomyxzoa rhuematica is the name of the illness caused by the infection. Dr. Fry in Arizona has researched it and identified a key characteristic of the infection: that it causes biofilms to grow on the inside of blood vessels. The biofilms protect the infection, as well as other unrelated non-human cells that join the biofilm, from the immune system and from many of the drugs that are used to combat protozoan infections. This means I’ll need to coil my entire body to eradicate the infection if I have it.

I ended up coiling yesterday and today. I didn’t have immediate herxes, not while I was coiling or shortly thereafter. Later in the day yesterday, I had severe pain in my left arm that lasted about 15 minutes. Both days, a few hours after coiling for Protomyxzoa, I’ve had a lot of fatigue, a pressure in my chest that makes it feel like I can’t breathe (though I am able to breathe and am not wheezing), with intermittent heart palpitations. I woke up this morning and felt okay, but I’ve been wanting a nap since 10am. (I tried to take one but didn’t fall asleep.) Since about 2pm, I’ve had the kind of fatigue that makes me want to lie down and do nothing while my mind races through all the things I need to do or wish I was doing. Last night I had much worse night sweat than in the recent weeks: two shirts thoroughly soaked around the neck, upper back and upper chest. Since yesterday, my peripheral vision has been hyperaware. I keep thinking that I see something  moving but there is nothing there.

On Sunday, I coiled 515Hz on my chest and my abdomen for 5 minutes each. Today, I coiled the back of my head for 2 minutes, my abdomen for 3 minutes and my spleen for 5 minutes. The fatigue got worse sooner today than yesterday.

Once again, I feel strange about finding a new frequency that gives me a herx. It is disappointing. I wish I had only three frequencies to deal with. But I’m clearly not getting all the way well, so I am relieved that I didn’t have to sift through 20 different frequencies before I found one that helped.

I’ll be coiling 515Hz for the next several days. With any luck, the night sweats will peak and diminish, as will the fatigue. Then I’ll finally feel like I’m making progress again.


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