Wednesday, August 13, 2014

This summer I feel like I’m cheating. I’ve taken several coiling breaks since May. I’m about to take another one for three weeks while I go on my vacation (as opposed to caring for family members). I’m finally going to the place that required vaccinations. I’m glad I did them several months ago, giving me time to recover from them and kill of the infections as they relapsed. More details about that when I get back in September.

Two weeks ago, I took a coiling break to play with my nephew when he visited for a week. We had a good time together. There were lots of fun activities: dancing and playing and train rides and digging holes at the beach. I was his “extra mommy” while she was at a conference. I wish I lived closer to my sister so we could be together more often.

Anyway, these days, when I coil, I have mild herxes. I feel better during coiling breaks than during the weeks when I coil. I can see why people stop prematurely. Specifically, the Babesia seems to be dormant again. This means that when I get back, I can go full steam against Bartonella and keep going on Lyme until the herxes go away completely.

It feels like I’m doing okay without coiling and without any kind of treatment. That’s cheating. Or maybe I’m closer to well than I thought I’d ever get.


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