Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

Back on Track

These past few months have been all about returning to what I know works best for my body. These past few weeks have been about discerning which infections need treatment and how to fit that into each day. I’m coiling daily. I’m off all the herbs that I used to suppress the infections while I had visitors and couldn’t coil. Little by little I’m regaining my strength even as I continue to be plagued by symptoms that limit my daily activities.


Although the first infection I always work on is Lyme, Babesia is the infection that puts me in bed all day every day until I get it under control. The only problem is that when Lyme is very active, Babesia becomes active, too. I’m coiling for Lyme every few days (more on that below), but I’m nearing the end of this round of Babesia coiling.

I started out coiling at frequencies that have worked in the past: 570Hz and 753Hz, doing both frequencies three times a day. The goal was to reach a point where the night sweats were minimal or gone, the migraines stopped, and I didn’t need to spend half a day in bed feeling exhausted. Once I reached that goal and maintained it for a week, I switched to a lighter coiling routine. Now I still coil three times a day, making sure that each coiling session includes 10 minutes on an organ with major blood flow. The goal is to kill any newly activated babesia cells, all of which live in red blood cells. Then over the course of a day, I coil my heart, liver, spleen/left kidney, and my right kidney, as well as all the bones that have red marrow inside. Red marrow and these organs are where the dormant babesia cells are stored, reproduce and become active. The goal is to kill any cells as they activate and mature, before they begin the cascade that becomes a full blown relapse.

In previous years, I’ve coiled both frequencies three times a day, attempting to get coverage of all these locations, for at least three weeks past the last symptom. I’m trying a new streamlined protocol where I coil three times a day, use both frequencies, but alternate which one at each location along my body.

Babesia Draft Protocol for after symptoms abate


570 Hz

  • Spine: upper, middle, lower – 1 min per (3 min total)
  • Each hip/back side of ilium – 1 min per (2 min total)
  • Each butt cheek/iliac crest – 1 min per (2 min total)
  • Sitbones – 1 min
  • Spleen/left kidney – 10 min

753 Hz

  • Each shoulder blade – 1 min per (2 min total)
  • Right kidney – 10 min
  • Abdomen – 5 min


570 Hz

  • Head: each side, top, back – 1 min per (4 min total)
  • Each shoulder knob – 1 min per (2 min total)
  • Each side of ribcage and adjacent arm – 1 min per (2 min total)
  • Chest, centered over heart and sternum – 10 min


753 Hz

  • Between legs: thighs, knees, calves – 1 min per (3 min total)
  • Feet through coil to ankles – 1 min
  • Each hip bursa – 1 min per (2 min total)
  • Each ilium front/side – 1 min per (2 min total)
  • Lower abdomen/pubic bone – 1 min
  • Liver – 10 min

On alternating days, I switch 570 Hz and 753 Hz for each session. Over the course of two days, I cover every coiled location with both frequencies. The morning protocol requires two coils because each coil overheats after about 20 minutes at these frequencies.

Currently, I’m planning to continue this until October 31. With any luck, the remission will hold and I won’t have to worry about Babesia again for a few months.


When I started coiling again, I focused on Lyme, even while I was still taking a lot of oil of oregano, which helps to keep it suppressed. I slowly reduced the amount I was taking until I felt I could stop. The Lyme responded to a few days of daily coiling, and has remained at a low level of symptoms, mostly joint pain and stiffness, with occasional moderate headaches, as long as I coil my central nervous system every three or four days. When I go too many days without coiling for Lyme, I start getting very tired in the afternoons and the joint pain gets worse.

The Lyme coiling still causes mild herxes, which is another way I know it is not in remission and still slowly reactivating. The herxes are mostly soft bowels, needing to sleep after coiling, needing to sleep for 10 hours on the nights after I coil, and getting a headache in the evening a few hours after I coil.

In the two years of taking antibiotics, I’ve read more about Lyme. I decided I should coil the same organs as I do for Babesia, just in case there is active Lyme bacteria in them. I’ve been having cardiac symptoms. I’m not completely sure which infection they are from, so I’m doing a few extra minutes on my heart.

Current Lyme Draft Protocol

432 Hz

  • Head: each side, top, back – 5 min per (20 min total)
  • Spine: upper, middle, lower – 5 min per (15 min total)
  • Heart – 5 min
  • Liver – 3 min
  • Spleen/left kidney – 3 min
  • Right kidney – 3 min
  • Abdomen – 3 min

I usually do this protocol in the afternoon before the Babesia session. The protocol requires 2 coils to do it in one sitting because each coil overheats after about 28 minutes at 432 Hz. I use a third coil to do the Babesia protocol.


Most of my symptoms lately have been neurological in nature and they all respond to coiling for Bartonella. It turns out that oil of oregano had a very strong suppressive effect on Bartonella. The hardest part about weaning myself from it has been the return of Bartonella symptoms. These include: heart palpitations, frontal headaches, poor temperature control (feeling too hot or too cold all the time and sweating excessively in both situations, waking up overheated at night), spasms in my intestines and esophagus, tingling and light touch sensations in my skin on spots all over my body, arms and legs falling asleep when I rest, swollen abdomen, poor concentration/cognitive function, difficulty speaking and typing, poor proprioception (dropping things, bumping into things), vision disturbances and more.

The primary difficulty is that I can only squeeze in coiling sessions on the days that I’m not doing Lyme. Thus, the herxes are mild (primarily constipation, urinary hesitation, strange dreams, light night sweats, and disturbed sleep), but the main symptoms are not abating. I’ve run into this problem before. While coiling the last of the Babesia before previous remissions, I’ve found myself urgent to switch my coiling sessions to Bartonella. I’ve got 9 more days to get to the end of Babesia which feels like forever. Starting today, I’ve added 10 minutes of coiling the back of my head in the morning and the evening at 832Hz on the days that I coil for Lyme. On the days I’m not coiling Lyme, I coil the rest of my central nervous system and the major organs. I haven’t worked out a consistent protocol, but I’ll start that on November 1.

Exploring Other Rife Treatments

At the edge of my consciousness, the Spooky2 calls me. I have a remote (scalar) rife machine that has a huge frequency range but I’m not sure has any effect. I’ve used it a few times on the detox program that it comes with. I initially purchased it because, hypothetically I can test to see if there are other frequencies I react to. I haven’t tried that yet. As the Bartonella induced brain fog clears up, I’d like to experiment with the new machine.

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