Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

iatrogenic complications

Antibiotics Survival Guide

I’m back home after two weeks of visiting the East Coast. As gray as the weather is here, it is more bearable than 90 degrees Fahrenheit and 90% humidity. What made my time away both easier and harder was that I took antibiotics during the trip. I had stopped them and returned to coiling about a month earlier. During that month, the Lyme and other infections were slowly waking up. […]

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More to Life than Lyme

During the year and a half that I was on antibiotics, I struggled to continue the projects I’d been doing. Backing up to the time after I stopped coiling, I began to slowly relapse and struggle with the projects I was doing. I was working on a novel and taking online writing classes. I was blogging. I was going for long walks and thinking about trying to increase the amount […]

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2015: The Year of Bartonella

I’ve recently returned from a Christmas trip to visit my sister’s family. As usual, the visits are markers of how much I’ve healed. This time, I carried my almost 40 lb. nephew up and down the stairs. I remember when he was an infant, 3 1/2 years ago, I struggled to climb the stairs on my own. I was so unstable on my feet, I was afraid to carry him […]

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(Un)Happy Hormones

Gaining Weight I went for a run and walk last Sunday (12/1). I had a much harder time than I’d been having on previous runs. Usually, the thing that limits how far I run before I slow to a walk is my breathing. It gets difficult, so I slow down and walk. Not this time. My lungs and bronchi were fine. My knees began to hurt early on. I felt […]

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Itchy and Scratchy

Back in 2011, I got my first case of Tinea versicolor. It itched like crazy. It is a small, mottled red rash on my sternum. I had it for weeks. I got the Tinea rash when I had been on florinef, to raise my blood pressure to at least 90/60mmHg, for about a year. At that point, I discovered that long term use can reduce resistance to fungal infections, and […]

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Bartonella brain-dump

I’ve been treating Bartonella without blogging. In theory this should be no problem, but it turns out that to think things through, I need to write them down. First the history: I was fairly successful with Babesia. Someone gave me an idea of what to try, how to build up my coiling program so that I could eventually knock out the infection without harming myself with herxes. The plan worked, […]

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Spitting out Mercury

Over the past five years, I’ve read lots about mercury toxicity and dental amalgams. A few years ago, I got tested for heavy metals. I had a not-alarmingly-high amount of mercury in my urine, but enough that I could see how it might add to my existing Lyme-generated problems. I decided I should get my two mercury amalgam fillings out sooner rather than later. Fast forward two years. Sooner has […]

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Bone Density Rx

I went to see a rheumatologist this afternoon about my recent diagnosis of osteoporosis. I was pretty nervous, ready to do battle about whether I have Lyme Disease, given my previous experiences with rheumatologists. I looked up lots of information about premenopausal osteoporosis, so I could keep the conversation focused on the current problem and also because I like to learn enough in advance to understand what a doctor is […]

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Detoxing daily

Any time my primary focus is off my health, everything goes awry. Coiling takes a fair amount of time and scheduling, both the actual time on the machine and the time in between when the coil needs to cool. Detoxing takes focus, both to prepare all the pills and potions and to remember to space them out properly. The plan for this autumn’s Lyme Disease flare and extra coiling has […]

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