Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

iatrogenic complications


Today was a classic Saturday with a cold. I was miserable again. I started out worse off than yesterday. The head cold was worse. The chills and sweats were worse. My throat and sinuses burned. My ears hurt and popped. I didn’t want to move. But this time I couldn’t sleep. I woke up craving florinef. These transitions are difficult. I remind myself that if all I accomplish is a […]

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Chronic pain for 5 years? No problem. I’m a trooper. I fear it before it arrives, especially if I know it’s coming. But once it arrives, I treat myself tenderly, like a wounded warrior, and do my best to heal enough to get back on the battlefield. Sinus congestion? A cold? I’m miserable. I hate when there is something going on in my head. Yuck. I’m not actually sure I […]

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One of the worst complications of the first three years of Lyme Disease was incredibly low blood pressure. It made my life miserable. I was nauseated and dizzy every time I stood up. I was tired and weak from that on top of the tired and weak I felt when lying down. I was always thirsty and craving salt. I got a positive result on a tilt table test in […]

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Opportunistic Infections

I’ve been careful all along not to get sick with anything else. I know my immune system is running over capacity in order to keep the tick-borne infections in check. I do my best to keep my body running without additional stressors. I avoid people who have a cold or a flu. I make sure my food is well-cooked. I wash my hands all the time. Then there are the […]

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Ups and downs

When I look back at these blog posts, I can tell when I’m feeling well because the posts are longer and about various interesting things. On days like today, when I’m dealing with an intense headache and eye pain, the posts are about how bad I feel. I had an up and down kind of day. My hands and feet were extremely painful this morning. After a shower and a […]

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After two days of difficulty breathing, I’m feeling moody and off-kilter. I feel like I lost another whole week of not getting to do the things I’d like to do. It isn’t totally true, but I spent some time cleaning up after Punky (not enough to finish) and talking to friends before I lost all that time to the procaine allergy. Today I’ve been on the phone again a lot. […]

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A New Allergy

Yesterday, I wrote about Neural Therapy. I had a big reaction to having tiny, diluted amounts of procaine (aka novocain) injected subdermally. Initially, we thought I was having a strong reaction to the treatment. Today, my doctor and I realized that I’m allergic to procaine. How did we figure this out? Well, I woke up this morning still feeling like I couldn’t breathe, like there was a huge weight crushing […]

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Fear of Cysts

I know of a few other people using coil machines in an attempt to get rid of Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses. Some I know directly, and some I hear about through the grapevine. From what I can tell, those folks who have used little or no antibiotics were able to get rid of Lyme, or at least to heal to the point where they get their lives back, […]

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Stones and bumps

That title could easily be referring to the conditions of the roads in New York as the snow has melted and left behind a mess for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. Alas, it is not. Kidney Stone follow-up I went to the urologist today. We had a chat about my bloodwork and urinalysis. They don’t match. Evidence for one problem is in my urine. Evidence for a different kind of problem […]

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