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Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

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Perturbation Theory

Perturbation theory is a phrase that was kicking around in my mind after I wrote the last post about my evolving views of exercise and how it fits into a full recovery. I looked it up and realized that it was not quite what I thought, but that its actual meaning is as interesting as what I wanted it to mean. Below, you’ll find my analysis of what happens when […]

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Understanding Heat

Sauna Over the past few weeks, I’ve been going to the dry sauna less frequently. The reason for the decrease is diarrhea and a desire not to increase the risk of dehydration. But something else has happened in the time that I’ve been going to the sauna less often: my Lyme symptoms and herxes have gotten more intense. Even the nightsweats from Babesia coiling are getting more frequent (2 per […]

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Food allergies are a real bummer. I moved to the part of California known for its amazing strawberries. They smell really good…and their flavor lives up to their reputation. Joe and I decided to make strawberry jam as a party favor for our wedding, this being Watsonville and all. We did it in three batches. The first batch was the one I couldn’t resist. We bought unrefrigerated strawberries picked that […]

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Dry Sauna

I’ve been heading to the sauna for about two weeks now, averaging 4 trips per week. This seems like enough to keep my kidneys happy while I do a moderate amount of Bartonella coiling. While I was in the sauna the other day, I met a woman who was surprised to see that I brought in a watch. She asked me why. She also asked why I don’t drink while […]

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Bartonella brain-dump

I’ve been treating Bartonella without blogging. In theory this should be no problem, but it turns out that to think things through, I need to write them down. First the history: I was fairly successful with Babesia. Someone gave me an idea of what to try, how to build up my coiling program so that I could eventually knock out the infection without harming myself with herxes. The plan worked, […]

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