Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

Gearing up for the Bartonella Battle

After writing earlier this week about deciding to just go for it and start coiling for Bartonella more frequently, I did it. I coiled on Monday then again on Thursday.

Clearing the Herxes

What I learned last autumn when I was ramping up my Lyme coiling protocol was that I have to help my body flush out the toxins, otherwise the symptoms get too intense to keep going. For Lyme, that mean lots of care for my intestines including diatomaceous earth to absorb toxins through my intestines, plenty of rest, lots of water, at least an hour a day on the biomat, skin brushing and juiced greens. I found I had loose stools pretty frequently as the Lyme toxins exited my body through my liver and my intestines.

Coiling for Bartonella has already proved to be very different. Rather than loose stools, I find myself tending toward constipation in the few days after I coil. My kidneys seem to bear the brunt of the Bartonella toxins that are released when they die off. So I’m more focused on taking care of my kidneys than on my intestines. Sweating (profusely) during my 20 minutes in the dry sauna seems to reduce my kidney pain and reduce the stress on them. (I can tell when they’re stressed by the color, cloudiness and odor of my urine.) I’m back to drinking kombucha daily. I’ve increased the amount of Renavive I’m taking to two pills per day. In the past few days, I’ve increased my water consumption significantly (aiming for about 16 glasses of fluid, mostly water, per day). For my slowed digestion, I’m taking psyllium husks in a lot of water to keep things moving in my intestines.

There is more to figure out. I used to do skin brushing right before I got in the shower. Now it’s more complicated because I head to the gym before I shower and get in the dry sauna first. I’ll need to find a different way to work it in to my routine, even if it isn’t every day.

I haven’t started juicing again, but I know that parsley juice is really good for cleaning the kidneys. I’m also thinking I need to make it a habit of adding fresh lemon juice to all the water I’m drinking. A milk thistle month long treatment is a possibility. Finally, I think I need to add asparagus into the weekly vegetable rotation.

I’m hoping all this will be enough to support my kidneys until I get the Bartonella infection down to a minimal level.

Emotional Aspects

I’ve spoken to a few folks who have coiled for Bartonella (or taken antibiotics for it). They’ve all mentioned being much more emotional, especially having overwhelming bouts of anger or depression, when working on Bartonella infections.

I’ve experienced it slightly differently. I don’t really remember what happened when I took Levaquin which is the standard antibiotic for chronic Bartonella infections. But when I took Rocephin, which kills Bartonella as well as Lyme, I felt urgent. I was more prone to mood swings than before. But urgency about getting over this chronic illness was the driving emotion. I was impatient with people. I was impatient with myself. I wanted to hurry up and get better. And I felt terribly stuck (even though I could see drastic improvements in my physical condition and my walking abilities).

I’ve been dealing with it again today. A minor annoyance put me in a bad mood for the rest of the day. I feel like I’ve made a bunch of progress in my life and now I’m stuck again. (During moments when my head is clear, I’m pretty sure that I’m not actually stuck, but that’s how it feels.) I have a million things I want to do and a million more that I need to do (like figure out my health insurance) that have deadlines, and I don’t want to do anything.

That’s the Bartonella herx. Kidney pain and emotional turmoil. No wonder I didn’t want to start coiling more…

But the one think I’ve learned in the past five and a half years of battling Lyme Disease and all these other illnesses is:

The only way out is through.

So I have to go through the Bartonella herxes to get rid of the infection and get myself out of Bartonella’s grip on my body.

Buckle up, hang on tight, we’re in for a bumpy ride.


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