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Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

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Persistent Exhaustion

Ever since my heart started acting up last week, I’ve been extremely tired. Fatigue isn’t all I’m dealing with, but it adds to the sense of doom that comes with pain and other physical discomfort. But there is fatigue, which means that I’m too tired to do much, that I rest or sit or lie down doing quiet activities like reading. Then there is the exhaustion, accompanied by chest constriction […]

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Percussion and Repercussions

Second Exercise Session On Thursday (Oct. 4) after 5 days of rest, I did my second exercise session. It was a little bit less painful, and almost imperceptibly easier. That it was easier might have an explanation. I was relieved to find that with the exception of my triceps, I was able to get through one set of 12 repetitions on each machine without pain. Without exception, I was able […]

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Enforced Rest

I’ve read Dr. Burrascano’s Advanced Topics in Lyme Disease over and over. At first, I read it for the information about antibiotics. Eventually, I spoke to a doctor who had some newer, more multifaceted ways of using antibiotics in combination. Yet I still found his original information very useful in giving me an understanding of how different antibiotics work in Lyme and other tick-borne illnesses. The next thing in the […]

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The First Workout

I’m writing tonight with jello-arms. My exhaustion level has reached new heights. Yet I feel proud to have worked out in a concentrated way for the first time. Not just the first time since I got sick. More like the first time ever. My previous exercise activities were: swimming in middle school, gym class in high school, an aerobics video that I did on and off in college, occasional softball […]

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