Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

Persistent Exhaustion

Ever since my heart started acting up last week, I’ve been extremely tired. Fatigue isn’t all I’m dealing with, but it adds to the sense of doom that comes with pain and other physical discomfort. But there is fatigue, which means that I’m too tired to do much, that I rest or sit or lie down doing quiet activities like reading. Then there is the exhaustion, accompanied by chest constriction and heart palpitations, that make me very miserable and not able to concentrate much.

Shockingly, I’ve kept my mood light because I believe that all this comes not from the infections getting significantly worse but from my attempts to kill them. There are a few ways I’m doing this:

  • The Lyme flare comes from my patience, letting the dormant bacteria wake up (to be destroyed), and not doing things that will force them to be dormant again…things that might make me feel better sooner but prolong the existence of the infection in my body.
  • The heart troubles seem exacerbated by coiling for Babesia. I see that as a good sign and a repeat of last autumn. The first month of coiling twice a day gave me heart compression then it all went away.
  • The heart troubles seem to occur for several days after exercise. The light exercise I’m doing seems to not only affect my heart, but gives me sleep trouble (brain herx) and joint pain as well, letting me know I’m getting more oxygen to more parts of my body.
  • The kidney pain seems to go with increased Bartonella coiling. Fortunately it eventually goes away until I increase my coiling protocol. I’ve gotten over being worried because the strongest drug I ever took for Bartonella was Rocephin and that made my kidneys hurt a lot for the entire time I was on it.

There seems to be so much more to say about all these things, but I’m exhausted, for real. My heart is bothering me tremendously. So I’m reduced to recording the activities of the past five days and getting horizontal again.



  • Sauna: Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday
  • Kombucha: Saturday-Wednesday
  • Skin Brushing: Saturday-Wednesday
  • Antioxidants: Saturday-Wednesday
  • Biomat: Saturday-Tuesday
  • Sunshine: Sunday-Tuesday
  • Naps and/or rest: Sunday-Tuesday
  • Lemon water: Monday
  • Diatomaceous earth: Tuesday, Wednesday


I forced myself on Monday, despite or because of the pain I was in, I did some exercise. I thought about maybe going to the gym on Tuesday (5 days from the previous workout) but I was having pain in my hips and I thought that yoga would be a better way to stretch them out.

First I went for a 30 minute leisurely walk, enough to get my blood moving but not enough to get my heart all crazy. Then I did a 40 minute slow yoga routine based on poses I know and am able to do. I focused on stretching a lot, a little bit on strengthening, and some twisting to massage my kidneys. I had tingling in my arms when I was doing floor exercises that required me to lean on them.

The combination of walking and yoga put me out of commission for the rest of the day and most of Tuesday and today as well.


My symptom list has grown. (Groan.)

  • chest compression, heart palpitations, low blood pressure–especially when standing up, increased heart rate, irregular heart beat
  • fatigue, exhaustion, extreme need to sit or lie down for extended periods of time during the day, needing to nap then not being able to move when I wake up because my muscles won’t engage
  • joint pain which is worse in my large joints (shoulders, elbows, hips, knees), popping noises in all my joints–including my jaw
  • bone pain in my ribs
  • hand pain after typing or doing things, foot pain when I wake in the morning
  • headaches and neck pain/pain in my upper spine
  • muscle pain that continues for several days after I stretch or strengthen, excessive tension in my upper back, shoulders and neck
  • nerve pain and irritation, numbness and tingling in my arms (esp the last two fingers on both hands) and legs (one leg at a time, whole leg), pain extending from my armpit through my elbows to my ring and pinky fingers
  • kidney pain, strong smelling urine (both Lyme and Bartonella smells at different times)
  • lower abdominal pain (center most often, sometimes right or left side)
  • upper abdominal pain (right quadrant)
  • abdominal distension–intermittent
  • gas attacks, constipation and today loose stools
  • nausea, reflux
  • itchy eyes, floaters in field of vision, light sesitivity
  • bronchial congestion, sore throat, post nasal drip
  • insomnia on nights when I exercise during the day
  • night sweats
  • mental restlessness and inability to concentrate for stretches of the day

I’m struggling more than I have in quite a long time. I hope this is en route to a major improvement.


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