Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

Percussion and Repercussions

Second Exercise Session

On Thursday (Oct. 4) after 5 days of rest, I did my second exercise session. It was a little bit less painful, and almost imperceptibly easier. That it was easier might have an explanation.

I was relieved to find that with the exception of my triceps, I was able to get through one set of 12 repetitions on each machine without pain. Without exception, I was able to do a second set of 12 reps on each machine. I took my time. I stopped to readjust the machines if they didn’t feel right. I felt more confident that I knew what I was doing.

The one thing that I changed is that I’m doing each side of my body independently. I did that for my legs the first time I exercised, but I tried to do both arms simultaneously on the corresponding machines. I think that was too much for me. So I tried one arm at a time, alternating at the end of each set. It was a better pace and prevented me from getting winded before I finished. (Thus, easier.)

Afterwards, I got in the sauna and sweated profusely. For the first few minutes, I stretched a little to make sure my muscles wouldn’t be as tight as they had been after the first exercise session. While I was doing that, I realized that even with the machines, I’m not doing much for my hips or for the muscles on the sides of my abdomen and back. I concluded that I do need to add yoga into this program sooner rather than later. Anyway, I couldn’t stay in the full twenty minutes (maybe 18 or so) because I felt too light-headed.

Initial Results

I was pretty awake and upbeat when I got home. But I could feel myself get tired very quickly. My mind was too alert so I rested my body while listening to the radio. I couldn’t nap for the first hour of lying down. Then I fell asleep for about an hour.

Upon waking, my body was dragging. It was hard to get up to go to the toilet or sit at the table to eat the dinner my husband made for me. The thing was, once I was awake, I was rambunctious (in a humorous but inintentional way) and I found myself unable to sleep at bedtime or until the next morning at 6am. I couldn’t sleep for more than 30-45 minutes at a stretch and I couldn’t concentrate when I was awake. I had disturbing dreams. It was a mess.

My pet theory is that the exercise is helping increase oxygen flow to my brain and causing a mild herx. Along with the similarity in symptoms between this and Rocephin and coiling my head for Lyme (at least the first two seasons of it), I’m having other Lyme symptoms flare up and I’m guessing it’s in an active form these days.

The Day After

Yesterday, I was a different kind of mess. All morning I didn’t know what to do with myself. I couldn’t concentrate. I felt like everything was all wrong. I continued to be physically tired, but I wanted to go for a walk or something. I tried calling a few friends, none of whom were available, and settled on sitting in my garden and knitting for a little while. Even that felt all wrong, so I kept coming up with reasons to get up and do this or that until I was too tired and sat still to knit for a bit.

I should have rested, or, more specifically, napped, once the restlessness subsided. Instead, I got in the car and went out to do errands with my husband. On one stop, I stayed in the car for a while and spoke to an old friend about Lyme Disease for close to an hour. Part way through, I got winded. I felt a compressed feeling in my chest and like I couldn’t breathe. My pulse was racing (over 120 beats per minute). We headed home shortly after that.

I checked my heartbeat with a stethoscope. It sounded like multiple percussion instruments playing at once. There was an extra beat and a murmur. Just what I need. I was lightheaded again and a little weak. But at least I knew it wasn’t just in my head.

The rest of the day was a wash. More food that I couldn’t prepare myself. Lying in bed with a hot water bottle on my back because my sacrum had been hurting all day. Watching a movie on the biomat, which helped with the back pain and the other muscle pain which was less than after the first exercise session but still noticeable.

It’s very tricky to know whether I’m doing the right thing by starting an exercise program now. I’m not sure if my heart is ready yet. I’m going to do my best to rest enough to do this again.

Two Days Later

I’m finally in good enough shape to be writing and concentrating again. I was a little better this morning after more continuous sleep last night. I spent some time in the garden sitting in the sun and knitting. It was a more relaxed experience today. As the day progressed, however, the feeling of compression in my chest returned starting before noon and lasting well past 7pm (as I write). My heartbeat seems irregular.

I made it back to the gym to spend 20 minutes in the sauna, despite the chest pain. I was okay for most of it, and it certainly helped diminish a new wave of kidney pain (more on that later), but I got lightheaded near the end and had to get out.  I’d hoped to do the food shopping that got cancelled last night. Instead, Joe and I sat on the beach for a while, had dinner at a local place and are about to watch a dvd.

Abdominal Progress

I’ve stopped the B vitamins and added in extra probiotic and daily kombucha. It’s starting to make a difference. My bowels are working better (but still not quite right) and my abdomen is not as hard and protruding less (but still not quite right). I have pain in my lower abdomen and I’m not sure what’s causing it (bladder, intestines or uterus). Things are not quite right.

Last night, I realized that the heart stuff and the abdominal stuff might be coming from the Bartonella coiling. As I get deeper into working on the infection, I might see more problems, especially in areas regulated by the vagus nerve, for a while. So I had the brilliant idea of increasing the number of places I’m coiling for Bartonella to include my entire abdomen and back. What I forgot about but should have expected is kidney pain today. (I still have no “proof” that Bartonella herxes cause kidney pain, but the correlation is consistent.)

The other possibilities include that I’m making progress with the Babesia coiling, as I’ve certainly experienced this set of symptoms when I ramped up the Babesia coiling last autumn, or that the Lyme is more active, leading to a recurrence of my heart troubles and swollen abdomen.


On Thursday, I coiled twice for Babesia.

On Friday, I coiled twice for Babesia. Then I coiled for Bartonella using the increased coiling program.

Today I coiled twice for Babesia.

In addition to increasing the coverage of my Bartonella coiling, I changed my Babesia protocol to better cover the bones in my legs. This is a work in progress and things change as I try them, evaluate them and try something else.

Babesia, morning session, back of body, 23 minutes total:

  • top of head, 1 minute
  • back of head, 1 minute
  • each shoulder blade, 1 minute
  • spine: upper, middle, lower, 1 minute each
  • each ilium back, 1 minute
  • back of legs: butt+ feet, 1 minute
  • between legs: thighs, knees, calves, 1 minute each
  • chest (over heart and sternum), 10 minutes

Babesia, evening session, front of body (570 Hz), 23 minutes total:

  • each side of head, 1 minute
  • each side of ribcage, 1 minute
  • lower abdomen, 1 minute
  • each ilium front, 1 minute
  • each hip/outer thigh, 1 minute
  • front of legs: thighs, knees, shins, feet, 1 minute per
  • abdomen (over spleen or liver) 10 minutes

Bartonella, (832 Hz), 24 minutes total:

  • Each side of head, 1 minute
  • Top of head, 1 minute
  • Back of head, 2 minutes
  • Each shoulder, 1 minute
  • Spine: upper, middle, lower, 2 minutes each
  • Each ilium back, 1 minute
  • Each ilium front, 1 minute
  • Chest, 2 minutes
  • Upper abdomen, 5 minutes
  • Lower abdomen, 1 minute

The expanded Bartonella protocol requires either 2 coils to do it at once or coiling at separate times of the day, because the coil gets too hot after about 15-16 minutes.


Each of the past few days, I’ve done most of the following:

  • sauna
  • antioxidants
  • biomat
  • sunshine
  • rest + naps
  • kombucha
  • skin brushing

The way I’ve dealt with the skin brushing is that I end up taking 2 quick showers on the days I go to the gym: one after I skin brush in the morning, and the other after I get out of the sauna.


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