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Waiting for the storm

My neighborhood is restless with anticipation. I went for a walk today. There were people doing last minute vegetable shopping (like me) in a small vegetable store which I have never seen so empty of produce. Mostly the customers were chatty and friendly, more so than usual. I think people had reached the point where they were as prepared as they were going to get and now it is time […]

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Candida? Take 2.

The big news today is all about digestion. I’m continuing to work on the candida issue and I’m still trying to figure out food sensitivities. Candida First, on the candida front, I’ve increased my daily intake of 5 LAC to two packets a day. It’s part of my candida program, using probiotics that eat yeast. I’m thinking I’ll be at this dose for the next 3 months or so. I […]

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When in Rome

In March 2009, I did something that made no logical sense for my health but was a wonderful experience. I went with my mother, my sister, and 3 cousins to Italy. It was a nightmare for my body, but I just didn’t care. I decided up front to plan to spend every second day in bed (and stocked up on a bunch of Sicilian mysteries by Andrea Camilleri on my Kindle). […]

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Food Allergies, Inflammation and Lyme Symptoms

I recently made an attempt to expand my diet. I was thrilled with the idea of eating more fruits that were previously on the list of foods that aren’t good for one’s blood sugar. The trick was to find some that don’t trigger an allergic reaction in my gut. I started with cantaloupe then mulberries. But something went wrong. Shortly after I introduced mulberries, all my symptoms got worse. I […]

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Constitutional Homeopathy

Constitutional Homeopathy is a treatment that aims to correct deficiencies in the whole person, making them stronger and more capable of overcoming illness. Usually it involves understanding past and present symptoms, recurrent problems, emotional as well as physical issues, and so on. (More on this in a previous post.) Yesterday I took a homeopathic remedy based on my constitutional symptoms. The first time I did this, I had a cold […]

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Three Days

It think I’ve had a migraine for the past three days. That’s why I haven’t been blogging. My headache was triggered by the sunlight which I couldn’t avoid while driving to and from Connecticut to be with a friend and see my naturopath(more on that visit in another post). My eyeballs were the first to start hurting. Then it turned into a very intense pain on the right side of […]

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