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Somethings old, somethings new

I went on a trip at the beginning of March to the deserts of southern California with my husband. I took about 8 days off from coiling to go on the trip. It gave me time to think about lots of things while we drove down and back, as well as while we enjoyed the natural environment. Since then, I’ve been really tired. REALLY TIRED. It took about 10 days […]

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Dry Sauna

I’ve been heading to the sauna for about two weeks now, averaging 4 trips per week. This seems like enough to keep my kidneys happy while I do a moderate amount of Bartonella coiling. While I was in the sauna the other day, I met a woman who was surprised to see that I brought in a watch. She asked me why. She also asked why I don’t drink while […]

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Babesia relapse test

I stopped coiling for Babesia in mid-January. I heard and read that I should expect a relapse in 3-4 months, but if I’m lucky the relapse might not happen for even longer. The idea is that Babesia has it’s own dormant form, just like the Lyme bacteria, only its life cycle isn’t seasonal. I’ve also read and heard that Babesia is often initially dormant if there is an active Lyme […]

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I’m in pain. My hands hurt. They really hurt. My arms and shoulders and neck really hurt. The level goes from extreme to excruciating. So this post will be short. I added 1 minute of coiling for Bartonella to each shoulder starting yesterday. The reaction, the pain, began within hours. It is what I expected and feared and have been avoiding for months. But this is the only way to […]

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Where is the infection?

Back in early autumn, just as I was too scared to start my first coiling season in earnest, I spoke to a friend of mine about where and how much to coil. Like me, she was pretty sure she knew where her infection was based on her symptoms. I’m certain that the bulk of my Lyme infection is in my lower back, in my sacrum and bottom few vertebrae as […]

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Starting Bart

I’ve been flirting with really tackling my Bartonella infection. I don’t like to do it because the place that seems most affected by the coiling treatments are my upper back/neck/head. The main reaction to the treatments are pain & numbness in my hands and diarrhea. Then my menstrual cycle gets all out of whack (as in vomiting on day 1 and other horrors). Who wants to deal with all that? […]

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Candida coiling second iteration

I’ve been pondering what I need to do to get rid of Candida overgrowth. I have an outline which I’ve written about before, and I’m working out the details. For about 10 months, I’ve been doing some version of the protocol: careful about my diet, coiling my abdomen daily, taking probiotics and taking supplements that reduce inflammation/detoxify my intestines. Over time, I’ve increased the intensity of the probiotics I take. […]

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Short for a headache

I have a really bad headache tonight. I can’t tell if I’m herxing from my double coiling session on Monday or if this is part of the menstrual drama. So tonight is just an entry into the lab notebook portion of the blog. Tuesday Coiling none Detox sleep (big chunks of the day) rest (the rest of the day) lots of water Body My period arrived mid-morning following a second […]

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PMS and Bartonella

One of my personal theories after I started learning about Lyme co-infections was that Bartonella was the culprit behind my reproductive hormone swings. I’ve read that Lyme can cause “unexplained menstrual irregularities.” Most of the antibiotics for Lyme didn’t do much in the way of dealing with my menstrual problems. The thing that made the biggest difference was Metformin, a drug that regulates blood sugar and insulin production. I started […]

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