Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I’m in pain. My hands hurt. They really hurt. My arms and shoulders and neck really hurt. The level goes from extreme to excruciating. So this post will be short.

I added 1 minute of coiling for Bartonella to each shoulder starting yesterday. The reaction, the pain, began within hours. It is what I expected and feared and have been avoiding for months. But this is the only way to get rid of Bartonella that I know of. The antibiotics (several rounds of them specifically for Bartonella) didn’t get rid of it, just made it dormant for a while. So now I’m really tackling it and really suffering.

It sucks. It’s hard to use my arms and hands, which cuts down on what I can do to a minimum.

Meanwhile, I have PMS cramps in my abdomen and lower back, diarrhea (Bart herx), generalized pain in the muscles, bones and joints all over my body and a headache with light sensitivity to boot. It’s rainy and gray outside. I don’t feel so good.


Bartonella (yesterday and today)

  • top of head 1 minute
  • back of head 2 minutes
  • shoulders 1 minute each
  • upper spine 2 minutes
  • middle spine 1 minute
  • lower spine 1 minute
  • chest 2 minutes
  • abdomen 5 minutes


Besides lemon water, kombucha and a healthy dose of artichokes, I went to a dry sauna yesterday and today, for 20 minutes each sitting. I really got to sweat it out. (More on the sauna when my hands are better.) I’m reluctant to take diatomaceous earth until my period starts, but if this pain continues to tomorrow, I’ll use it anyway.


Did I mention my pain level is overall an 8 out of 10, except for my arms, hands, shoulders and neck which are a 9?


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