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Trade off

I’m starting to think that all the fatigue over the years was from Babesia. I tried coiling extra last night. It worked like a charm. I’m setting a new course to coil daily for Babesia and to increase the length of the sessions frequently. I’m considering trying some other Babesia frequencies as well. There is a trade off, though. As I coil more frequently for Babesia, the headaches seem worse. […]

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Light Sensitivity

One of my least favorite aspects of Lyme disease and Herxing is light sensitivity. Usually my eyeballs hurt a little as the light sensitivity starts. Then I accidentally expose myself to too much light, and BAM! a headache. These headaches are easy to prevent and hard to get rid of. I’ve taken to wearing sunglasses any time I leave the house, even on rainy days. A bright gray sky is […]

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Chest pains

Not a heart attack. There is a very specific kind of pain that I’ve had since just after the time when I’m sure I was bitten by a tick in 2001. It starts out as a sharp pain, like the underwire of a bra is digging into my ribs. (This was confusing back when I wore underwire.) Then it spreads along one or two ribs and gets focused on the […]

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Weekend update

I went away for a weekend retreat these past few days. I figured I would coil Friday and coil Sunday and only miss one day. Ha! I came back so exhausted from travel and from trying to keep up with healthy (and healthy-ish) people who thought the weekend was low-key and sedentary, that I’ve been plastered to the bed or couch-bed since I got home. The stairs are what made […]

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Hot Bath

Yesterday, after resting a while, I realized that I absolutely had to do laundry. I was craving a bath, but convinced myself that laundry and a short walk in the neighborhood would not only allow me to accomplish the few things that could no longer be postponed, but give me a bit of fresh air and exercise. That’s what I did. Maybe I overdid it physically, based on how tired […]

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Sleeping Beauty

One of the things that happens when I don’t take pain killers but I’m in severe pain is that I sleep a lot. I mean A LOT. I’m talking 10-11 hours per night plus 2 hours per day. I assume that’s my body’s way of preventing me from doing further damage while it tries to correct the current problem. All that sleep can really eat up most of my time. […]

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I read a feature article in the NY Times Sunday Magazine a while back about a long term experiment with calorie restricted diets. There were lots of interesting tidbits, like a person’s immune system increases when they have a 20-25% decrease in calories, or that they age more slowly based on measurements I no longer remember. The thing that resonated most with me is that people’s perception of taste increases […]

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Treating the Symptoms

Before I go to bed tonight, I’ve got a few new things cropping up. Well, not new exactly. I spent the day with some pretty serious pain in my central and lower back. (It was a notch down from severe pain.) I’ve had a headache on and off all day, coinciding with the pressure in my chest. I was in the car for a while when my right hip and […]

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