Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease


I read a feature article in the NY Times Sunday Magazine a while back about a long term experiment with calorie restricted diets. There were lots of interesting tidbits, like a person’s immune system increases when they have a 20-25% decrease in calories, or that they age more slowly based on measurements I no longer remember.

The thing that resonated most with me is that people’s perception of taste increases when they eat less. It has been very true with me. I’ve stopped eating all sugars including fruit, as well as grains for most of the past 3 years. (I sometimes start grains again until my yeast problem gets out of control. Hopefully when I say good-bye to antibiotics for good, that will cease being a problem. Plus, I’ve found some frequencies for the coil machine that are supposed to help with candida overgrowth!) As a result of those two absences in m diet, my caloric intake dropped. Then we subtract all the food I’ve developed allergies to, and it can be depressing to try to eat. The thing that has saved me is that I can really taste everything I eat, so broccoli with olive oil and salt is delicious.

In the article, one man raved about how tasty apples became when he reduced his caloric intake. Apples have a low calorie-density, meaning they fill you up (volume of food consumed) without adding a lot of calories. This autumn, I cheated a few times on my dietary restrictions and had a single slice of apple at the local farmer’s market. It was 90 seconds of heaven each time. Now that I’m off antibiotics (despite a night on Levaquin this week) I’ve slowly reintroduced apples to my diet. Granny Smith and Golden Delicious. I eat half an apple with peanut butter or cashew butter to slow down my absorption of sugar and to add a bit of calories. Talk about heaven. They taste so amazing. I wonder sometimes why I never liked apples that much. I’m guessing it’s because I was more into cookies. Today, half an apple is more satisfying than a cookie or two ever were.

Kidney Report

This blog is about my coil machine, so let me get back to it. I tried a high frequency today (above 1000 Hz) for three minutes this morning. It made the surface muscles of my legs vesiculate when I put it on my abdomen. Other than that, I couldn’t tell any difference.

However, there is a frequency (727 Hz) that I tried yesterday that made the pain from my kidneys diminish somewhat for about 10 minutes. So I ramped up to 9 minutes (3 minutes on each kidney and 3 minutes on my bladder) 3 times today. Each time, it generated a slight to moderate reduction in my pain level. The reduction doesn’t last long. I’m not sure it’s really helping all that much. It’s just something to play with until I see a urologist tomorrow.

The pain is pretty bad. I still don’t like pain killers. I’ve avoided the Percocet and stuck to the minimum amount of Advil that I need to be able to carry on a conversation over the pain. This means I sleep a ton because pain is tiring: 10 hours at night + a 2 hour nap each day. I’m getting nothing done (see the post called Priorities). If I’ve learned anything over the past four years, it’s that my body comes first.


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