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Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

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Symptoms that occur during the coiling process.

Out of the Fog

For the past two weeks, I’ve been playing a learn-to-speak-Spanish cd in the car when I drive. With each full repetition of the cd, I can hear and understand additional phrases. They didn’t help when my friends mother came to dinner because I didn’t ask to book a room in her hotel, but that’s beside the point. Having gone through the same experience over and over, I recognize more details […]

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Stealth Symptoms

As soon as I finished writing last week’s blog post, I knew I had to coil for Babesia. It’s funny how writing about my experience, as this blog is literally my journal of coiling, clarifies my thinking about what to do next. (This is why I tell everyone who asks me for advice that the most important thing is to keep records of whatever treatments they decide to use.) This […]

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Bring on the Funk

About two weeks ago, I started coiling again. I have to say that I really liked taking a break while I’m at home. The days are so long. I can do lots of things. I feel freer. And mostly, I can imagine what it will be like when I no longer have to coil (or at least coil regularly). There were some downsides. The last week in January, I could […]

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How do you know?

A while back, maybe over the summer, I read an article in the New Yorker about Lyme Disease. In it, one of the patients who got interviewed said that she couldn’t be sure that the reason she was feeling better was her Rife machine (which is the category of technology that coil machines fit into). Instead she took the view of a scientist, correlation does not equal causation, and she […]

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Today I’m reducing the number of supplements I take in an effort to let the Lyme bacteria wake up from their dormant form. It’s a big deal for me. Over the past few weeks, I’ve slowly been reducing the number and dosage of supplements, specifically the ones that have strong antioxidant properties. Now I’m cutting down to the bare bones. Looking back at the supplements I was taking, it fell […]

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Healing from a chronic illness requires a tremendous amount of patience. Somethings are slow. Some things take a long time to happen. Some things require a persistence that I’m learning I have within me. Last week, I was waiting for my menstrual cycle to start. It was late. I was having all the symptoms of a late period: flaring of my currently active infection (this time Bartonella), no appetite, fatigue, […]

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Circular Reasoning

I’ve been making a big mistake for quite sometime. Discovering it was a big eye opener for me. The mistake: using the same capacitor settings for two different coils. I knew that the coils were physically interchangeable. Just unplug one and plug in the other. I also thought it was odd that the new coil got much hotter than the original one. It just didn’t occur to me that the […]

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Random Tidbits

Outdoors and Alive I’ve been doing a lot again. It’s great in so many ways. I spent a long weekend in Yosemite and saw how much of a difference this past year of coiling has made. I never wrote about what I learned last year when I went because when I came back, I was in wedding planning mode. This year, I have some leisure time to think over both […]

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Sensory Overload

I did something very out of the ordinary last week. It was the first time I did it in over a decade and probably only the third time in my life I had it done. I knew it could cause some potentially very unpleasant sensations, but I did it anyway. I got a pedicure. The event was a little outing with my sister to have our nails done together. It […]

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Data Points

I don’t get to visit my sister very often. I enjoy spending time with her and her family. I became disabled shortly after she got married. When I look back at the trips I’ve taken to see her, I can see how far I’ve come. More striking, however, is the change in my abilities and reduction in my illness since my nephew was born. I started coiling two months before […]

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