Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease


There’s been a lot going on since I last posted. I’ve been running beyond my energy level and I’ve been having a hard time slowing down enough to rest. Rest is certainly what I need at this point.

The reunion was great. Everyone I interacted with was more than generous towards me. No one mentioned anything about what I perceived as my lack of accomplishments over the last 5 years. Instead people offered their sympathy for my health struggles and their best wished for things to continue to improve.

The ride back, after the not quite right food and too many hours on my feet and not resting, did me in. I woke up on Monday morning unable to stand on my left leg. I had severe pain in my back, left hip and left leg. The right one was achy, but I could stand on it.

I spent part of Monday in a jacuzzi and dry sauna trying to loosen up the joints and muscles and to hopefully reduce the inflammation in my lower back. Based on the pain configuration, I believe that my nerves were inflamed in the area that comes out of my sacrum and lumbar spine on the left side.

The rest of Monday was lying on a bed, lying on the floor (talking on the phone), lying on the couch, coiling for Lyme and Bartonella, then heading to bed.

By Tuesday, the pain subsided sufficiently for me to stand on both feet and walk around. I was still in pretty bad pain in my lower back, enough that it wasn’t easy to concentrate, but I was mobile again. I still spent a big chunk of the day resting and took a trip to the dry sauna. Tuesday I managed to walk around outside a bit to enjoy the sunshine.

Wednesday was my last day in California for a little while. The plane ride home was another big stressor on my body.

Despite all this physical pain, I’ve been feeling great. Being in love makes life a lot better.

Since I’ve returned to New York, I’ve been resting a lot more. I’m trying to slow down, but my mind is racing all over the place. Little by little, I’ve been unpacking, going through mail, putting my apartment back the way I like it (I let a friend stay here while I was gone). Nothing is finished. My mind is fast, but my body is slow.

I missed 3 days of coiling for Bartonella while I was at the reunion. Then I missed 2 more when I returned to NYC. I can see the difference already. My abdomen is more swollen. I’m really tired all the time (even when I want to go for a walk because the weather is nice). My joints are popping and cracking and aching.

I’m hoping that as I get back on track, the fatigue will calm down along with the abdominal and joint symptoms.


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