Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

The Difference a Year Makes

I’m in Virginia at my sister’s house. This time last year, I was visiting here, too. As we do some similar things to last year, I have flashes of memories of what it was like.

In comparison to last year, I’m not as tired. I remember being dead tired, needing to lie down when I first arrived. At the time, I felt like I had more energy than I remembered having in a long time. Still, I found myself needing long naps and several rests every day. I went on walks, the longest ones I’d been on since 2006 before I got sick, and coming back to the house feeling like I might die of exhaustion. I’ve gone on some of the same walks this time, and though I get tired, I’m not completely wiped out.

I’ve had quite a few good days here. In fact, I’ve been feeling better than I did when I was coiling for Bartonella daily. I had a pretty bad cold when I got here. It’s over now, but even getting a cold was good news. I interpret it to mean than the Lyme infection is dormant enough to not suppress the cold and to not suppress my immune system.

Meanwhile, I took Serrazimes for a week before I got  massive headache. I wasn’t sure if it was from Babesia coming back or from the enzymes causing a herx of one or more of the infections. So I skipped it the next day. No headache. Since then, I’ve been off the Serrazimes because I don’t really want to herx during my vacation.

Yesterday I had a pretty active day and I overdid it. Today I’ve been dragging myself around. I forced myself to go for a walk and was glad I did. But I’ve been tired all day and not wanting to do much. Of course, I went to the movies anyway and got myself another big headache. My angel of a husband was kind enough to massage my scalp and neck, which helped it calm down. I think I’ll head to bed early and see if I feel better again in the morning.


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