Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

Good News All Around

On Friday, we welcomed my newest family member, a niece named Rose Beatrix! It was a day of excitement. Both Rose and Helen, my sister, are healthy and content. I am super happy, too! My only regret was that she decided to be born after I returned home from my stay at my sister’s house. Still, I’ve had the opportunity to skype with my sister’s family, see my nephew and meet my niece. I am joyous.

Bone Density Update

The next bit of good news is the results from my most recent bone density scan. My T-score values are now less negative and the osteoporosis has been reversed to osteopenia. Just hearing the results made me feel a little more sturdy and less prone to fracture.

These results mean that I’ve begun the process of healing my bones as well as the rest of my body. Obviously, having the ability to do more physical activity has helped. So has prioritizing using my energy to go out and walk, even if it means that I don’t get to do other activities. Although I still have more to do to achieve healthy bones, the way to get them is to eat things I like and go out to do fun things. What more could I ask for?


Since I’ve returned home from visiting my sister’s house, I’ve been rather tired. I expected I would crash after using up my energy reserves in the delightful pursuit of playing with my nephew. Fortunately, the crash hasn’t been too bad. I’m tired but not exhausted. I’ve needed daily naps and low-key days.

I coiled for Lyme when I got back. The herx was some narcotic-like sleep and some loose stools. Actually, when I returned, my joints were popping and cracking a lot. After one coiling session, the noise and stiffness are gone.

I can’t yet tell if I’m having much of a Bartonella herx. This is consistent with the other breaks I’ve taken from Bartonella coiling. The toxins take a few days to build up again, and they tend not to be as bad as when I stopped. I’ve got my fingers crossed that this will be true again!


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