Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

Containment Plan

Over the past several weeks, since I took my last vaccine, I’ve been feeling worse. Initially, I thought it was purely a Lyme flare in response to the changes in my immune system brought about by the vaccine. Over the past week or so, I’ve come to realize that there is more going on.

First of all, in addition to noticing an increase in Bartonella herxes from coiling my shoulder knobs, I’ve noticed some Bartonella symptoms appearing on and off. I think this may a flare from the vaccine. I hadn’t considered that Bartonella might become more active because I consider it an active infection. So that may be part of the reason for the increased kidney pain as well as the occasional numbness or tingling in my limbs.

More importantly, I realized as I wrote my last post, the intense fatigue and sleepiness might have been from a Babesia flare. It was initially difficult to discern. The only symptoms were fatigue and eventually some sleep issues. For a few weeks, I was tired in the middle of the day and I slept a lot at night. These are classical Lyme symptoms. Then sometime last week, I started having more trouble falling asleep at night and began sleeping later in the morning. Nothing drastic: maybe 30-40 minutes to fall asleep, waking up after 9am instead of after 8am. These are the kinds of changes that are in the realm of possible Lyme symptoms.

What clued me in to the possibility of a Babesia flare was the fatigue. It crept up from being from 1-4pm to 12-6pm. Then for a day or two, I was tired from the minute I woke up. I didn’t have any energy all day. The middle of the day was the worst. A nap was required. These were narcotic naps. If something woke me in less than 2 hours, I would be groggy and incoherent and would fall back asleep fairly quickly.

Babesia Containment

Day 1

The first step in my plan was to determine if it was, in fact, a Babesia flare. I coiled my chest for Babesia (570Hz) for 10 minutes. I didn’t feel anything different.

Night 1

I had a mild sweat. Then I rediscovered one of the differences between a Babesia night sweat and a Bartonella night sweat. Bartonella night sweats wake me up hot, while Babesia night sweats wake me up cold and wet. I knew that already. The key difference is subtle. Bartonella night sweats are generally on my chest and back, sometimes a little on my neck. Babesia night sweats are on my chest, neck and the back of my head. The back of my head was the clue. The Bartonella night sweats haven’t been doing that. No wet hair. After coiling for Babesia this time, I only had a small sweat, but my hair was wet.

Day 2

I was still tired all day long. I still needed a long nap. I wasn’t sure if anything changed. I decided to do a second test: I coiled my liver for Babesia for 10 minutes.

Night 2

I had 2 huge night sweats. Huge and wet and chilly. I had to change my shirt the first time. I would have been more comfortable changing my shirt the second time but I was too groggy to get up again.

Day 3

I woke up early in the morning, before 7am, and didn’t go back to sleep. My arms were killing me. Extremely painful. Like a glove of pain that reach from my fingertips to my shoulders. I hadn’t experienced that in a long time. I actually looked up my old blog posts to see if I’d previously had that problem with Babesia. Apparently, this happened when I first coiled my shoulder blades almost three years ago. This symptom alone was enough to confirm that the Babesia is active again.

Despite the alert morning, I was still exhausted by 11 am. I knew there was more to be done. This time I coiled everywhere on my body for 1 minute per location, plus 5 minutes per location on my liver, spleen and chest.

Night 3

I had an easier time falling asleep, less than 20 minutes. I had a very mild sweat, this one more typical of Bartonella, which meant more that I woke up hot and barely damp.

Day 4

I woke up at 8:30 am, which is closer to my normal wake up time since I started having a Lyme flare. I was more alert all day. I got tired in the middle of the day, but not sleepy. I was able to rest while coiling and didn’t need to nap.

Today I finally did a full coil for Babesia, or at least what I’m considering a full coil this time around. I did 1 minute on each part of my body, plus 5 minutes over my chest and 10 minutes each on my spleen and liver.

Night 4

No sweat.

Day 5

I woke up at 7:30. I had a moderate amount of energy until 7:30 pm. At that point I crashed and had to take a nap so that I could be awake enough to eat dinner. I was irritable all day.

Full coil for Babesia.

Night 5

Big sweat at 5 am, enough to need to change my shirt.

Day 6

I had moderate energy. I took a nap in the early evening, then did some exercise. It seemed like the Babesia symptoms were almost gone. At this point, the Lyme symptoms became more prominent, including an ache on the whole right side of my body and prickly sensations in my legs.

Full coil for Babesia.

Night 6

No sweat.

Day 7

Moderate energy. No Babesia symptoms. Lyme getting more active. Full coil for Babesia.

Night 7

No sweat.

Day 8

Moderate energy. No Babesia symptoms. Lyme getting more active. At this point, I thought the Babesia might be on the way out.

Full coil for Babesia.

Night 8

Light sweat, including my neck and the back of my head.


That’s where the experiment, so far, ends. I’m out of town for 5 days. As I’m writing, several days have gone by. My energy has been a little lower without coiling for Babesia. I’ve had light sweats some nights, including on my neck and the back of my head, and no sweats other nights.

My plan when I get back is to coil for Babesia for another 2 to 3 weeks. I’d like to get back to carrying only a dormant load. The basic idea is that I don’t want to fight off three active infections at the same time. The one I can beat back effectively in a short time is Babesia, so that’s my target.

Bartonella Progress

While working on Babesia, I was coiling 4 times a day so that I wouldn’t lose momentum on Bartonella. It was too much time coiling. I finally started having some energy, but then I had no time to do anything. It was stressing me out and making me cranky.

But the difficulties paid off. I reached a point in my Bartonella coiling where my kidneys stopped hurting. I never reduced the amount of time I was coiling my shoulders, as I had considered. Instead, I powered through to the other side. When I get back home on Saturday, I’ll get back to coiling and begin reducing the Renavive dose to see how much Bartonella herx toxins I’m generating with the coil machine.

However, I’m going to modify the Bartonella coiling program so that I can keep making progress while also coiling for Babesia and only coil 3 times per day.

Lyme Coiling Realization

I’ve had a lot more neurological Lyme symptoms lately. I suspect that the last vaccine triggered something in my central nervous system. As a result, I’ve got strange sensations in my limbs all the time, like something is crawling on my skin, but there’s nothing there. It’s driving me crazy, especially on my shins. On a lark, I decided to coil for Lyme on each location of my head and spine for 5 minutes last Sunday. I got a whopper of a headache. I think I’m on to something.

I’ve been coiling my body for 3 minutes on each part, more or less the same way for almost three years. I never really thought about increasing the time because that protocol always generated progress. Now that the herxes are so mild but the symptoms are driving me to distraction, I’ll continue to coil my head and spine more.

I keep wishing I had a full body coiling machine. It would solve two problems: First, I wouldn’t have to spend so much of my time coiling in order to cover my whole body for 3 or 5 or more minutes. Second, I wouldn’t run into a discovery 3 years into using the machine that I’d been missing a key location on my neck and shoulders!

That’s all I can type on the road. More details on the revised coiling protocols when I return home.

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