Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

Pills and Potions

The thing I loved most about coiling was that it got rid of most of the pills and potions I had to take to deal with being sick. Now that I’m on the Alfons Ven program, I’m back to timing what to take when and it drives me nuts.

In addition to the Alfons Ven Lyme Package, which involves three morning doses of FLUOX spaced 2 hours apart, a night dose of CHIM, and three doses of Aviva (a liquid dissolved in water), I consulted someone about my kidney pain.

Her hypothesis is that it is a build up of uric acid from reduced pancreatic enzymes. This has led to a whole other set of treatments. First, I’m coiling my pancreas at 465.6Hz to help fix the enzyme problem. Then I’m taking a supplement, Organika Goütrin, to reduce the uric acid build up. I’ll soon be switching to liquid chanca piedra extract to break up the uric acid crystals that cause my kidney pain, which I have to take on an empty stomach. Meanwhile, I’m looking at another detoxification support, a zeolite in solution, to reduce the buildup of excess elements that come from an overtaxed kidney. That will also have to be on an empty stomach. So these comprise a whole other set of pills and potions, beyond the supplements I take for my bones and detoxing my kidneys each morning.

At some point, the Alfons Ven products may have me herxing a lot, like I used to when I first started coiling. At that point, I’ll move on to other detox support, like castor oil packs. I heard about a detox frequency that I may also try, now that I’m not already coiling for 3 hours a day.

It all feels very slippery to me. Part of me resists all these different treatments for different problems. I like to have a unified theory that I can work with. What got me to try the extra supplements, however, is that I haven’t been able to get rid of the kidney pain for years, ever since I started coiling aggressively for Bartonella. If the problem isn’t actually the kidneys but the pancreas, I’m happy to try to fix it. If the problem is that Bartonella herxes cause uric acid build up, I’ll do whatever I can to remove the uric acid.

The way I’m able to juggle all this is that I’ve decided to do it for a finite period of time. If  this treatment required years, like antibiotics and coiling did, I wouldn’t even consider it. For now, I’m looking at six months. Then I’m done and moving on to something else.

Ven Lyme Package

I started the Lyme Package on Wednesday. I’m using the instructions from The first day I took one FLUOX in the morning. The second day, I took two FLUOX, one at a time, spaced 2 hours apart. The third day, I took three FLUOX the same way. Yesterday I took three FLUOX again, and I took my first dose of CHIM.

On just the FLUOX, I felt a little better, a little clearer, a little more energetic. The only thing is that I’ve needed a two hour nap each day. I get so sleepy that I have no choice. I can’t tell if it’s because I spend less time lying down, which I used to do for three hours a day when I was coiling, or if this is part of the progress of the treatment.

I’m still symptomatic, with joint popping, kidney pain, altered vision, mild headaches, crunching and stiffness in my shoulder, bursitis in my left heel, urgent bowel movements and so on. But the symptoms don’t feel quite so bad.

I have nothing to compare this to. I don’t know what it’s like to take nothing for the tick-borne infections. In the past I’ve either been coiling or taking lots of antioxidants (or before that I was on antibiotics or herbs). I’m happy with the extra energy, even with its dips and plateaus. I have no way to tell if the remedies are “working” because I’m somewhat symptomatic: is it the infections or is it part of a die off?

After I took the first dose of CHIM last night, I got a sharp headaches that lasted about 20 minutes. Overnight I had a big night sweat on my head and neck (but not my back or chest). Maybe that was my reaction the die off. This morning, for the first time since October, my feet didn’t hurt when I got up. It was amazing. My left heel didn’t start to hurt until I’d been walking around the house for a half hour.

Today I woke up feeling clear and able to get up right away. That’s been happening for a few days, and frankly, it’s a refreshing change. I can deal with the headaches I’ve had today, the kidney pain and back pain. It’s nice to try something new.


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