Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

Returning to the Coil Machine

From November 2016 to April 2018, I was on antibiotics. I learned a lot from the experience. Among other things, I found that the Babesia infection never went into remission. With active Babesia, I find it very difficult to use the computer. Please pardon my absence for the past 15 months. If you wrote to me or tried to post a comment, rest assured that I will get to you in the next week or so.

Why Antibiotics?

I went back on antibiotics, not because the coil machine stopped working, but because I decided that if I were going to have a baby, I couldn’t wait any longer. Coil machines and other Rife machines are contraindicated during pregnancy because of the delicate magnetic interactions needed to turn a fertilized egg into a little person. I knew I had to stop coiling and deal with all the difficulties of being on antibiotics again.

After over a year of trying, I came to accept that my body, while capable of producing fertilizable eggs, cannot carry them. The ups and downs and futility eventually got to me. If I wasn’t getting pregnant, I wanted to get well again. In these past few weeks, and for however long it takes, I will spend time healing emotionally while also getting my body back into the best shape I can. It is a relief to go back to using the coil machine full time, even though I’m dealing with the infections “waking up” more fully in the absence of antibiotics.

Never stopped coiling

Along with the hormones and emotions of trying to get pregnant, I had regular symptom flares with each failed attempt. At first I thought that maybe I needed stronger antibiotics, but my experience showed, again and again, that the dosage of antibiotics needed to keep the Lyme, Bartonella, and Babesia infections in check was pretty toxic to my body and probably not so good for a fetus.

I resorted to using the coil machine for the first few days of each menstrual cycle to reduce the load of active infection to one that the drugs could control. By doing so, I was able to keep trying for a longer period of time without overloading on drugs.

Other Rife Technology

During my time away from using my coil machine as a primary treatment, I pondered the drawbacks of the machine. I’ve been using 4 frequencies on a regular basis: 432Hz for Lyme, 832 Hz for Bartonella, and 570 Hz and 753Hz for Babesia. When I felt best, back in early 2016, before I got side tracked on the Alfons Ven “remedies,” I knew that I was missing something. I kept thinking that there was at least one frequency, or maybe several,  that I needed to add to reach a true remission. I tried frequencies from a list I have for other co-infections and opportunistic infections. I could never tell if they made my herx or if they reduced symptoms. Their effects were minimal or not at all noticeable when I tried them for a few days. What I really wanted was a way to test for other frequencies and know for sure that they were worth using for an extended period of time.

A friend turned me on to the Spooky2. It stretches even my willingness to accept the different ways that Rife technology might work. It has one benefit, however. There is a way to scan large number of frequencies while checking to see if a person experiences a change in heart rate. This idea appealed to me. When I had a little bit of extra cash, I purchased one.

So far, I haven’t used the scanning portion of the machine. The instructions say to run a detox protocol using remote(!) technology before using the scanning function. The remote technology uses a fingernail to transmit frequencies to the person from whom the fingernail was clipped, supposedly using some kind of DNA resonance. Let’s just say my skepticism was at an even higher level than when I bought the coil machine. To test the Spooky2 remote, I ran my usual frequencies. I had a tiny herx from the Bartonella frequency. I’m not completely sold, but I’ve got it going on in the background.

The detox protocol takes 11 days. I’m going to run it a few times, because, believe it or not, my body is showing evidence of a reaction (bad taste in my mouth, some odd changes in my bowels, etc.). When I finish, I’m going to try the default scanning function and then scan function for frequencies I can use with my coil machine. But that’s for the future.

There is one other benefit to the Spooky2. It has a much higher range of available frequencies and it comes with a program to tackle chronic tick-borne infections.

Getting Back on Track

I use my coil machine every day. I mopped up the active Lyme as best as I could, with a few days in a row on 432Hz, and an additional coiling session once or twice a week. I feel the Lyme waking up from being suppressed by the antibiotics with slowly increasing joint pain, relieved for a week or so with each coiling session.

I spent a few days on Bartonella and planned to continue until I had a night sweat, followed by a day of the kind of fatigue that makes me want to lie down all the time. I switched over to Babesia coiling, and will continue that until I reach a Babesia remission.

I’m also doing ten minutes a day on Candida, 465Hz, because 17 months on antibiotics is enough to challenge the strongest microbiome.

Meanwhile, my whole family went on a ketogenic diet. It is definitely helping with my symptoms. I suppose that starving the bacteria and parasites is one way to reduce their activity and reproduction rate.

I have notes from my time on antibiotics. Look for more info some time next week.

It’s good to be back.

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  1. Good to see you back.

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