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Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

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Returning to the Coil Machine

From November 2016 to April 2018, I was on antibiotics. I learned a lot from the experience. Among other things, I found that the Babesia infection never went into remission. With active Babesia, I find it very difficult to use the computer. Please pardon my absence for the past 15 months. If you wrote to me or tried to post a comment, rest assured that I will get to you […]

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Loosening up and making mistakes

I miss eating. I love eating. Before I got sick, I was a vegetarian. I ate at the local Indian restaurants a few times a week. I ate tasty salads with tons of ingredients, including hard boiled eggs. I cooked and ate Italian food (think eggplant parmigiana or pasta with tomato sauce). I loved cheese. I drank steamed milk, hold the coffee, many mornings. I liked to have a chocolate […]

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Starting Bart

I’ve been flirting with really tackling my Bartonella infection. I don’t like to do it because the place that seems most affected by the coiling treatments are my upper back/neck/head. The main reaction to the treatments are pain & numbness in my hands and diarrhea. Then my menstrual cycle gets all out of whack (as in vomiting on day 1 and other horrors). Who wants to deal with all that? […]

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Life Happens

Life happens…and I’m so glad it does! It’s been quite a while since I’ve simultaneously had the time and the energy to sit down and write. When last I wrote, it was the day before I set up my dad’s new computer and fixed a problem on my own. By the time I was done with both, my arms hurt too much to blog. The next day my sister and […]

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Why would you write about that?

I love when people send me candid reactions to my blog. One of my friends read a post about the horrendous gas that VSL#3 causes and couldn’t believe that I would broadcast this information on the internet, in a place where people can find my real name and what I look like. I started this blog partly as lab notebook for myself and partly to share the full experience of […]

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No Magic Bullets

I got an email last night from someone I met when I was getting IV Rocephin just over a year ago. He said he hadn’t seen me in the IV room for a long time, then asked if I had any “magic bullets” for those still taking IV antibiotics. I’m not against antibiotics. I think they are very useful, especially for people who aren’t incapacitated by their infections and for […]

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A Cute Little Girl

I’ve had an 8mm projector and two bags of reels sitting in my apartment for the past 4 years, inherited from my aunt when she went into an assisted living apartment. I didn’t know what was on them until today. Aside from the 1962 St. Patrick’s Day Parade and the 1964 World’s Fair in Flushing Meadows Park, there were 5 reels of me at around 18 months of age. What […]

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Yesterday I started VSL#3, a probiotic designed for people with irritable bowel syndrome and ulcerative colitis. I was nervous about it. Although it is designed to be gentle, given that the target population of users already have inflamed intestines, I was holding my breath. I’ve had problems with other high potency probiotics, sometimes with them causing unexpected problems (like making the tinea on my chest flare up) or the usual […]

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My body feels overtaxed, but not my wallet. Yesterday, I spent 4 hours figuring out my taxes and inputing the information into some free online program for people with lower incomes. By the end, my arms were ready to fall off. My shoulders and neck were cramped. I promised myself I would take more breaks next time I have a big computer project. I filed the tax forms today. I […]

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