Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

pharmaceutical treatments

Women and Lyme Disease

Every month, during my menstrual cycle, I’m reminded of what Lyme disease has done to my body and what it has done to the trajectory of my life. Menstrual Problems For years (specifically 2002-2010) my menses were horrible. As I mentioned yesterday, in addition to killer cramps and headaches, I had vomiting, diarrhea, weakness all over my body–especially my legs–that made it nearly impossible for me to stand up, chills […]

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Happy feet

Hot, itchy, happy feet. I went for the detoxifying, ionizing footbath today. At one level, it meant sticking my feet in hot water for 25 minutes while the water turned rust-colored. Apparently, the first think the bath pulls out is iron. I watched my feet for a while then knitted until the timer went off. Then I stared at them again. I saw a lot of foam, which supposedly means […]

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Henry’s Adventure

Henry was the skinny, pale orange, 6 month old kitten I found last night crying pathetically in the hallway outside my door. After we walked around the hallway together for 10 minutes and I determined (by ringing doorbells) that he didn’t belong to anyone on my floor, I brought him into my apartment. While Henry was sniffing around, Punky didn’t notice at first. Then I put Henry in the bathroom […]

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Mom’s Juicer

My mother is amazing. She does so much for me (not to mention a whole host of other people). These days, she’s coming around to hang out for companionship, going to yoga with me, and providing me vegetable juice from her juicer until I have the energy to rearrange my kitchen and set mine up. Water on the knee I got interrupted by a few phone calls while I was […]

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Punky’s favorite kind of day

Gravity I woke up with gravity on my mind this morning. Based on my physical observations, it had increased from it’s traditional 9.8 m/s2. My arms and legs felt at least twice as heavy as usual, and that’s before I even tried to move them. When I finally peeled myself off the bed, I decided that there were 3 things I had to do today: use the coil take a […]

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Cold and Calculating

As the Lyme symptoms increase, I’m starting to have a shorter temper. I feel somewhat agitated all the time. Besides the pain, I’m having a frustrating problem that I was glad to see disappear. I’m dropping things, bumping into things, typing the wrong keys on the keyboard. So on top of the pain in all the different places, which would be enough to set a person on edge, I can’t […]

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Is this the kidney stone?

I’ve been having a hard time today. I woke up after 9.5 hours sleeping (yeah for sleep!) with severe pain in my hands and feet. When I finally convinced myself to stand up, it felt like standing on needles that were poking through the bottoms of my feet. I was moving in slow motion, but I did get myself dressed, showered and out the door to do a quick shopping […]

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Treating the Symptoms

Before I go to bed tonight, I’ve got a few new things cropping up. Well, not new exactly. I spent the day with some pretty serious pain in my central and lower back. (It was a notch down from severe pain.) I’ve had a headache on and off all day, coinciding with the pressure in my chest. I was in the car for a while when my right hip and […]

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Day 2 – Still Herxing

Body Update Last night was a doozy. My headache extended into my neck. I couldn’t sleep for hours, even as I lay in bed with my eyes closed trying to get comfortable. When I finally fell asleep, I woke up over and over with disturbing dreams. (I lost my only pair of shoes and searched until I woke up.)  I finally got in a few hours between 6 and 9:30am. […]

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