Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

Punky’s favorite kind of day


I woke up with gravity on my mind this morning. Based on my physical observations, it had increased from it’s traditional 9.8 m/s2. My arms and legs felt at least twice as heavy as usual, and that’s before I even tried to move them.

When I finally peeled myself off the bed, I decided that there were 3 things I had to do today:

  1. use the coil
  2. take a bath
  3. write a blog post to keep track of the coil

It is now 11pm, and I’m finally on number 3.

I was tired today. Tired and in pain. I spent part of the morning contemplating a phenomenon that I once mentioned to another person I know who has Lyme and had also experienced it and wishing I was experiencing it today. Often, I’ve had periods of moderate amounts of energy with high intensity pain. (I can get some things done until the pain is overwhelming.) These have been followed by several days of moderate pain and extremely low energy. (Days that are good for watching Star Trek episodes back to back.) Then I would get 2 or 3 days of moderate pain and moderate energy when I felt hopeful. (Days when I restarted physical therapy, caught up on bills and returned phone calls.) Then the cycle would repeat.

Today was high pain and low energy. No fair.

I woke up with hands and feet hurting, pain in my lower abdomen and intense fatigue. After a visit from my angel of a mother, I convinced myself to empty the dishwasher (from Sunday, not too bad) and use the coil machine.


I did a lot with the coil machine today. First I coiled on my abdomen for Candida for 5 minutes. I’m trying to remember to do that every day. No reaction to the coil. I’ve stopped using Nystatin, which I took for all the time I was on antibiotics. I kept taking it until I ran out of pills because I know the yeast overgrowth isn’t completely gone. Now I am relying on the coil to turn the candida problem into a normal intestinal balance. I’m not really sure how or if that will work. But I think it will kill any Candida that escape my intestines and grow elsewhere in my abdomen.

Then I did some Lyme treatment, each shoulder (and surrounding tissue, like head, neck, ears, upper arms, maybe even elbows because I’m not that tall) for one minute then both knees for one minute. I did have some chest constriction with the left shoulder. I added in my knees because the pain in them has been pretty sharp since Sunday. I have on my mind to start my hips, too, but I’m afraid that hips + shoulders = big Herx.

Then I did Bartonella on my abdomen for one minute. I think I’ll need to do that every other day. The return of the lower abdominal pain is supposedly a sign of active Bartonella. I did my feet at the same time by laying on my back, putting my legs in lotus position and tilting them up to my abdomen where the coil was. It wasn’t exact, but my feet were in range. The Babesia treatment on my feet yesterday created no discernable difference in my foot pain. Now I’m on to Bartonella which is often implicated in foot pain, especially the kind I had this morning on the soles of my feet.

Finally, I coiled for one minute on my hands and forearms for Babesia. They felt better for a while yesterday, but the pain was pretty intense this morning. I can’t tell if it didn’t work or if I’m suffering from a high load of toxic sludge in my tissue.

My hands are getting coiled for everything all the time because I hold the coil in place. I wonder if that’s why they hurt so much. The killer is the pain in my knuckle joints on the pointer fingers on both hands. You have no idea how much you rely on them until you feel pain every time you move them or put pressure on them. Pressure–you know, like typing or holding a toothbrush.


Detoxing is still my other big focus. I managed to peel myself off the bed long enough yesterday to saute the last of the cabbage. I’m sure it helped by preventing things from being worse this morning than they could have been.

Today, besides kombucha, homeopathic tinctures and tonight’s skin brushing and hot bath (it took me till 10pm to get in the tub), I had my first taste of juiced veggies. My mother (the angel, see above) bought a bunch of juiceable greens and gave them to me. I haven’t opened my juicer yet because the fatigue is overwhelming. So she took them back and used her juicer to make me a nice full quart of green liquid. I’m happy to start juicing and cleaning out whatever the juices clean out.

Punky’s Day

Punky liked today. His favorite days involve me getting up late and puttering around for an hour or two (from his perspective, from mine it’s trying to get a few things done before I collapse) then the rest of the day on the phone or, even better, napping. I talked to a few friends before I passed out for 3 hours. I woke up sensing that gravity had diminished slightly but had not yet returned to “normal.” It was already 5pm.

I got up thinking I would get in the tub. It only took me 5 hours. I drank the juice Mom brought over. Then the phone started ringing. All people I wanted to hear from. So I talked for a while. Then I stopped. Then I talked some more. Then I got a call from a friend from high school and we chatted for two hours. That’s no time at all when catching up on 15 or more years of living.

Then I had dinner, which included fresh fava beans. They are a lot of work. They made me reminiscent of Italy last April, but they didn’t taste quite as good as the ones in Puglia that were picked that morning and were never refrigerated, plus they lacked the company of fresh bread and pecorino romano cheese. The best part of the beans was remembering my trip to Italy with five other women in my family. By the time I finished eating, it was almost 9:30pm so I fed the cat. Finally, I cleaned the tub and got in.

Punky enjoyed all my time on the phone and sleeping during daylight hours. I can see on his face that he thinks I’m acting like a proper cat at such times. To top off his good day, I tried listening to his heart, which makes him purr a lot and prevents me from hearing it. And, very exciting for Punky, we saw a water bug crawling around on the floor and wall. He likes to watch it and chase it, but he doesn’t ever try to catch it. Too many years of looking at birds outside the window that he can’t catch.

One final note on the bath. An old, strange detoxing symptom reappeared tonight. It is a temporary red rash across the top of my chest. My doctor said it looked like a histamine rash. (Long ago, I showed him a photo because it appears in a hot shower or bath and is gone within an hour or so.) He told me not to worry and that it’s a sign that something toxic is leaving through my skin. I’m glad something is getting out of my body.

Now it’s time to pass out and sleep well.


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  1. I still say Punky needs a pal.

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