Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

Happy feet

Hot, itchy, happy feet.

I went for the detoxifying, ionizing footbath today. At one level, it meant sticking my feet in hot water for 25 minutes while the water turned rust-colored. Apparently, the first think the bath pulls out is iron. I watched my feet for a while then knitted until the timer went off. Then I stared at them again.

I saw a lot of foam, which supposedly means excess yeast outside the intestines, which I already knew I had, and the person who emptied the bucket found two black disks which are formed from heavy metals. That sounds about right given that urine tests two years ago showed I had heavy metals in substantial amounts in my body.

When I took my feet out, the were bright red and very itchy. I rinsed them using a cold, wet paper towel. That calmed them down. After waiting for 5 or so minutes, I was finally ready to put my socks back on.

But to get the proper explanation of the footbath, I’m quoting extensively from the website of the place I went, Sana Vita.

Here’s how it works:  You place your feet in a Copper Tub, with regular tap water, and Sea Salt. An electrical charge is run through the water that breaks down the water molecules into negative and positive ions, from H2O to OH- and H+.

All toxins are held in the body by positively charged electrical-chemical bonds. … The OH- ions released in the water are attracted to the positively charged toxic bonds in the body.

These negative ions are absorbed through the skin of the feet. They engage the positively-charged toxins and neutralize the electro-chemical bond that holds the toxin in the body.  Once the bond has been neutralized, the toxin can be eliminated via urine, sweat, respiration or osmosis into the water of the footbath.

Some of the detoxing happened in the bath, evidenced by the foam and black disks. The rest is supposed to come out over the next two days through the “body’s ordinary elimination cycles.” I’ll let you know if I notice anything interesting.

P.S. The copper tub is lined with a plastic bag. Hygienic but maybe toxic.

More Detoxing

I did the footbath after I went to see my Lyme doctor. He’s interested in my coil quest, but can’t help that much with it. In fact, he’s learning through my process. It makes me sad that this is the one treatment that promises to get me to the end of being ill–permanently–and it’s the one treatment that my doctor will never be able to suggest to another patient.

Of course, I also think it’s silly that we get coil machines and put them together with no promise of anything from the guy who makes the parts in his garage? basement? attic? and then if it’s built correctly, we have a shot at getting better. When I hear people say it did nothing for them, I wonder if they had a coil that generated a strong enough electromagnetic field to penetrate their flesh.

I imagine it would be in the interest of insurance companies to get these machines standardized and on the market. Even with a medical mark-up, the machines could be sold for under $5000, which is way less than most patients (and their insurance carriers) spend on antibiotics to get a chronic Lyme patient back on her or his feet.

That’s besides the point. So I went to see my doctor. I’ve been feeling pretty crappy in cycles, Herxing after coiling and waiting for it to subside, and we both know that antibiotics make me temporarily “feel” better, but don’t get me where I want to go. So the plan continues to be: detox, detox, detox, and oh, by the way, take something natural to help my overtired adrenal glands. That sounds alright to me. We added a few more homeopathic substances and an additional vitamin to assist the detoxing and Maca for my adrenals and to balance out my overall endocrine functioning.

Daily Detox

Today’s rundown:

  • homeopathic support
  • body brushing
  • kombucha
  • juiced greens
  • ionic footbath
  • castor oil pack on my liver


I’m not psychologically prepared for another Lyme coiling session on my spine. I kept postponing the date in my mind. But I decided last night that I need to coil for Lyme today to keep the ball rolling. I’m doing well enough for the next one. Compromise: coil my abdomen again. Relief. Now I’ve actually done it. Plus, I’m coiling near the pain in my ribs. Maybe that will resolve (please, please, please).

  • Lyme disease, abdomen, 2.5 minutes
  • Candida, abdomen, 5 minutes

My doctor and I discussed that I still have signs of a yeast infection. It isn’t a surprise because those can linger long after the end of extended use of antibiotics.  I’m thinking I’m going to slowly increase the Candida coiling to 10 minutes. Then I may need to coil other body parts–like my esophagus (well, my rib cage) and my head, since it seems to affect my whole digestive tract at the very least. Who knows, I may ultimately need to do my whole body, just like I’ll have to do with the tick borne pathogens.


Last night the night sweats were active. I had one shirt changer and a second lighter sweat that didn’t require a shirt change, just a pillow flip.

I feel about as well as I have in a while. The main sharp pain is in my rib cage, mostly on the left, though I had an hour on the right in the middle of the day. It hurts way more when I take a deep breath than when I keep my rib cage in a stationary position.

I was tired. My hands hurt. I had a headache with earache and floaters in my vision. My muscles were tired. But, all in all, it was a good day. I was done by 4pm because of the fatigue, but I did have a nice walk outside before that.

Sometimes things can be easy

My cat, Punky, is still having his own health issues, ever since the near death experience in January. One of the ways it shows up is that he has become a finicky eater.

Case in point, this morning he decided he wanted a different dry food than the one I’ve been giving him. Since I don’t speak cat, I didn’t know why he wanted me to wake up at 4am (and again several times thereafter). I checked his food bowl, not empty; litter, no change needed; water, here’s a fresh bowl just in case.

At 9:30am I was talking to my mom about maybe getting him the low quality, very smelly and tasty, grocery-store dry food/junk food. I figure, better eat junk than starve to death. As I was saying that, I realized I had a sample of a new high quality brand in the cabinet that I hadn’t opened yet.

I put some in a bowl and let Punky smell. He perked up with lightning speed.

“Rose, you found exactly what I want!”

Sometimes, things can be easy.


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