Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

Mom’s Juicer

My mother is amazing. She does so much for me (not to mention a whole host of other people). These days, she’s coming around to hang out for companionship, going to yoga with me, and providing me vegetable juice from her juicer until I have the energy to rearrange my kitchen and set mine up.

Water on the knee

I got interrupted by a few phone calls while I was writing yesterday. I never said why the title was “Water on the knee.” Time to rectify that oversight.

Unlike some patients who have visible swelling in their joints, I have been fortunate enough not to have that reaction (so far?). Maybe it is a different strain of borrelia (the bacteria that causes Lyme disease) or maybe my body isn’t prone to major swelling reactions. Granted I did have a pretty bad case of bursitis in 1994, but you couldn’t see the swelling.

One of the doctors I went to for a second opinion played with my knee caps. She said, “Hmm, there’s quite a bit of fluid in there. You have inflammation despite your insistence that you don’t.”

I was thinking about her as I took a hot shower and noticed that the pain in my knees (and leg muscles) diminished somewhat.

I thought of her again as I was doing yoga and noticing the sharp pain in my knees in certain poses. (Always a good clue to back off a little.)

I thought about her words the rest of the day as I tried to convince myself to take a bath. Water on the outside of the knee is not as bad as on the inside.

Developing a routine

As I test things out and add things in, I’m trying to figure out what I need to do every day versus what I need to do at other regular intervals in the process of healing from Lyme once and for all. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

  • Daily
    • Coil my large joints for Lyme
    • Coil my hands for Babesia
    • Coil my abdomen for Candida
    • Take homeopathic detox drops
    • Drink kombucha
    • Drink juiced greens
    • Body brushing
    • Record what I’m doing
    • Rest as much as needed
  • Every other day
    • Coil for Bartonella – abdomen and feet
    • Take a bath (maybe I should do this every day but I can’t imagine getting in the tub that often)
  • Every couple of days
    • Coil for Lyme
    • Do yoga or other exercise (until I can do it every other day)

All that seems like a lot when I’m tired. But it also seems like what I need to do to get myself on track. I still need to figure out my food situation, such as cooking and using my own juicer, but that will come as I gather the strength and energy to do more. Priorities, huh? If I’m doing all this, many other fun activities will need to be put on hold.


Today’s coiling session was similar to the previous few. I started with Lyme, one minute on each shoulder and hip, one on my knees. Then I moved on to a minute on my hands for Babesia.

I increased the time for Bartonella to 90 seconds on my abdomen, with my feet folded up in lotus pose near the coil to get them, too.

I waited a while because the coil got hot, then went back and did 5 minutes of Candida on my abdomen.

I had no immediate reaction to anything with the coil. But I’ve been dead tired since about an hour after coiling.

Detox activities

Today I did everything that I have so far on the daily detox list: homeopathic drops, kombucha, juiced greens, body brushing, hot bath. Just before I started writing, I had some coconut ice cream and macadamia nuts (both high in fat to stimulate bile production) to wash down a Colestid pill. I can tell I’m not getting it out fast enough because my joints are really aching and I’m so damn tired.

In the tub today, I had the timer on for 20 minutes, and I just couldn’t get off my mind how badly I wanted out. I read that once a person starts sweating in the tub, they have 15 minutes before their bodies start reabsorbing the toxins they just released into the water. It takes me 5 minutes to tell that I’m sweating where the skin is not in the water, so after 20 I get out. This whole bath aversion is one of the reasons I’m seriously considering dropping a wad of cash on an IR heating device (sauna or pad).

Body Symptoms

When I first got sick and didn’t know what the heck was wrong, I kept track meticulously of my symptoms every single day. Needless to say, it was a major downer to write the long list of things that hurt, were stiff, didn’t move, came out all wrong (bodily secretions), didn’t work the way they were supposed to (my eyes and ears and brain). Part of why I started this blog was to convince myself to keep track for as long as possible.

Now, if you claim to be a dedicated reader, I might ask you about something I wrote, but I’ll never quiz you about the daily symptom list. Feel free to skip it and head for the more interesting reflections…

Here is the agonizing list that I don’t want to think about. Nights sweats last night were mild but I noticed them when Punky woke me up with some issue he was having. My small joints are hurting, in particular, my knuckles on all fingers on both hands, my wrists, and my jaw, both sides. My knees have a sharp pain in them when I stand or walk or sit in one position too long, and the right one keeps threatening to give out when I put my full weight on it walking. My muscles ache (from yoga?) especially in my upper arms, chest, upper back, ribs and abdomen. I’m excessively fatigued but too wired take a nap. And, my favorite because it is part of detoxing, my stools are loose. I’ll take that any day because it helps get the toxins out much faster. My apetite has been funky all day, never quite hungry but never quite satisfied. My ears hurt, more so on the right side. Body brushing was painful today, but not nearly as bad as yesterday.

Paying attention to the good stuff

I’m trying to balance out how down I can get focusing on all my ailments by putting some attention on the things that go well.

I had a nice time hanging with my mom for a while, chatting and relaxing. The juice she brought over had carrot in it this time. It tasted quite pleasant after the first two sips as I adjusted to the flavors in it.

I watched this week’s episode of Castle. I figured out who the murderer was the first time the person appeared on screen. I love it when I can do that.

I ran into a neighbor who I like very much in the elevator and we had a nice chat.

And I got to hang out with a few women friends tonight who were at the retreat with me last weekend. It was warm and comfy to be with them.

Now I’ll take that warm, comfy feeling to bed.


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