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Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

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Instructions on using the coil machine.

Light Sensitivity

One of my least favorite aspects of Lyme disease and Herxing is light sensitivity. Usually my eyeballs hurt a little as the light sensitivity starts. Then I accidentally expose myself to too much light, and BAM! a headache. These headaches are easy to prevent and hard to get rid of. I’ve taken to wearing sunglasses any time I leave the house, even on rainy days. A bright gray sky is […]

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I had a lot of computer activity this evening. I wrote an extremely long email (or two) to some friends and now my hands are pretty much done until tomorrow. Coiling I’m coiling for Babesia every day now. Partly I think I have to do it that often to rout out the infection. Partly the Herxes aren’t too bad. Partly I don’t want to deal with the intense fatigue of […]

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Dry Skin

Back when I was 27, I was at a weekend retreat with a friend who had minor skin break-outs, the kind I was starting to get. This was just under 1 year after I think I contracted Lyme disease, babesiosis and Bartonella. I had already started having disruptions in my menstrual cycle, including what I later identified as Lyme disease flares. This friend looked at what I was washing my […]

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Reading Tea Leaves

My little experiment with coiling for Babesia to end a bout of fatigue was partially successful. I had enough energy to get moving this morning and go for a walk by 1pm. The success did not last the full day, and I’ve had heart symptoms this afternoon and evening. In fact, I woke up with them and took magnesium citrate this morning along with the magnesium glycinate I take every […]

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The Collapsing Health Care System

Today, I had to advocate on behalf of a family member to get appropriate services for his health care needs. In the process, I gave the institution feedback about the way they run the patient and family meetings. They told me they did them that way to comply with state regulations about making sure that the meetings are patient- and family-directed. I thought the whole process was ridiculous, which is […]

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Don’t feed the beasts

If you’ve been following along for a few days, you’ll know that I have a pretty extensive list of foods I don’t eat, and won’t until I’m infection free. Prior to the Lyme saga, I was a vegetarian and had been for 8 years. I stopped eating meat (as in mammals) because it made me feel sick. Then I got tired of chicken. Then there was a big scare about […]

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Chronic Fatigue and Nuts

Before I got diagnosed with Lyme disease, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia by one doctor who referred me to a specialist who diagnosed me with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). The latter one disagreed with the fibromyalgia diagnosis because some of the points that hurt one day didn’t hurt the next. But I digress. Once I had this diagnosis, I got mad. I clearly had many of the symptoms of CFS, […]

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Eggs. Over. Easy.

Continuing from yesterday on the topic of how to eat while recovering from Lyme disease, there is the egg. Before Lyme took over my life, I was a little bit sick and getting a little bit sicker, more tired, more impatient, more indecisive, slower, etc. every week. I decided I needed a vacation and went to China for 2.5 weeks. I ate lots of great food in all sorts of […]

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Thoughts on Homeopathy

Right about the time I got diagnosed with Lyme disease (and the rest of the trio), my doctor sent me to a naturopath in Connecticut to get tested for pesticide exposure. I was definitely exposed to a lot of pesticides during a 5 month battle with bed bugs the year before I was overcome with Lyme. The question was whether it was still in my body contributing to all the […]

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Seeing through the third eye

My current favorite yoga instructor has a problem with his left eye. It’s visible to people who see him that there’s a problem. The first time I met him, he asked if there was anything he needed to know about (injuries, etc.) before the class started. I told him about the Lyme disease and the joint problems, weak muscles, and low blood pressure. I tried to give him a short […]

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