Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

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Seeing through the third eye

My current favorite yoga instructor has a problem with his left eye. It’s visible to people who see him that there’s a problem. The first time I met him, he asked if there was anything he needed to know about (injuries, etc.) before the class started. I told him about the Lyme disease and the joint problems, weak muscles, and low blood pressure. I tried to give him a short […]

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When it rains, it snows

I haven’t driven in 4 years, starting when I suddenly lost control of my legs and could no longer walk. It’s only over the past few months that I have been close to well enough to drive on my good days. My first foray into the driver’s seat was the day my dad went to the hospital, shortly after he got in an ambulance. No stress there. Fortunately, I only […]

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Herxing from the head down

Back when I was seeing a naturopath (who was also a homeopath), he told me that there is a rule of thumb in homeopathy. Patients heal from the head down, from inside to outside and in the reverse order that the symptoms appeared. It’s called Hering’s Law of Cure, if you want to look it up yourself. In that vein of thinking, the necessity of coiling my head for Lyme […]

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