Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

On Hold

This week the coil machine is on hold until my kidneys are in good shape again. January was supposed to be the month that I turned things around, tried this (hopefully) final treatment option, and got my life back on track. It was looking good. The antibiotics I took in the fall got me back on my feet, literally able to walk without an altered gait, and able to type again. There was symptom creep (like mission creep, the symptoms increase in number and diversity slowly but noticeably) in December, but that was fine, I was still in much better shape than the summer.

Like everything else I’ve planned in my life, the coil machine treatments are being postponed for me to deal with an altogether different crisis. It’s happened in my pursuit of having a partner, in my career, in my artwork, in all things great and small. So I’m on hold, waiting to finish dealing with this crisis as I aim to go back to what I was hoping to be doing right now.

In the meantime, my apartment is succumbing to the Second Law of Thermodynamics: every system in my life is increasing in entropy as they interact with each other. So to go back to my other plans for January, like composing another portion of my novel, I find it on hold as I try to clear up the backlog of day to day necessary activities from spending a week or so in bed in pain.

Things always seem worse in January as another birthday comes and goes and I’m stuck not having done whatever it was I most hoped I would accomplish by the end of that year. Oh well. In a week or two, things will be looking up, as long as they aren’t on hold.


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  1. Rose – I’m not sure why you need to put the coil machine on hold. I’d be happy to weigh in on this, if you want to call. Joan

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