Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

Baiting Bartonella

When I started the coil last time, I noticed my Bartonella symptoms flaring right afterward: pain in my hands and feet first thing in the morning–the kind of pain that makes me not want to move.

I did my second Lyme coiling session last night. Today I woke up with severe pain in my hands and arms, feet and calves.  Last night I slept lightly, waking up to disturbing dreams. I didn’t fall into a deep sleep until after dawn, but still woke up to a disturbing dream (even though it starred Johnny Depp as himself who then morphed into Bruce Willis when he was young). I’ve had no appetite today though I did manage to drink a breakfast shake at noon. I’m achy from yoga (based on which muscles I used and could feel during the class) and achy in too many other places to list. My eyes have dark circles around them but the puffy bags are diminished. Still watching floaters drift across the computer screen and constantly correcting my typing.

I’m trying B-12 shots again. I still have them in my apartment from the last time my doctor prescribed them. I’m hoping this helps with the unrelenting fatigue.

This morning skin brushing began again. It is a detoxification support that involves brushing my dry skin with a natural bristle brush before showering. It turns out to be a good idea for more than just detox. I never know what to do with the five minutes I have to wait for hot water ever since the boiler in my building was fixed. Now I can turn on the water and brush my skin while I wait. The feeling is unpleasant with the first stroke on each new square inch of skin, but it is okay after that.

Post shower, I felt urgent about coiling for Bartonella. So I did 30 seconds (at 832 Hz) and felt the heart constriction/chest pressure right away. I have to rest for a few minutes before I try to do anything else today.


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