Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

Comfort over style

(This is Friday’s post.)

I spent the afternoon at the Williamsburg Premium Outlets. It’s a sprawling parking lot broken up by islands of outlet stores. I was there for four hours, walking slowly past most stores and occasionally entering a few. I couldn’t stand most of the styles. The fabrics were unappealing. I’m not into asymmetric clothing. I like my skirts and dresses almost to my knees (or even just below them). Some clothes had strange shapes, like super-skinny arms and big bodies. I have thin arms and I couldn’t get into them. I was trying to figure out who they were designed for.

My main purchase was a few new bras. As any woman with an advanced case of Lyme disease will tell you, rib pain is horrible…and infinitely worse when wearing a bra. In the years between the tick bite and getting horrendously sick, I used to get pains in my ribs that I attributed to the evil fashion known as underwire bras. I hate them. And for most of those years, the only options were underwire and sports bras. (Or, in winter when I was wearing 4 layers already, foregoing a bra altogether.)

In the past two years, there have been a small but growing selection of non-underwire bras, aka wirefree. Most of them are either heavily padded or look like training bras. The training bra style don’t do much other than make a woman look more flat-chested than she already is. The padded ones had very constricting bands around the rib cage. Neither was a great option.

While I’ve been visiting my sister’s family, I’ve found two alternatives that I can live with. One is by a company called Barely There. They had a few wirefree styles that weren’t excessively padded (but thick enough to prevent show through on chilly days) and had a moderately stretchy band around the rib cage that doesn’t dig in. I have high hopes for these bras.

I had also been thinking about getting some kind of crossover bra that is more akin to a sports bra, but doesn’t mush my breasts into pancakes and has no material over my constantly itching sternum. (I couldn’t deal with a sports bra on hot days because it made my itchy sternum sweat and itch more!) I was talking to my sister about where I might find one and she suggested yoga clothing stores. I ended up ordering some from Gaiam. They got great reviews for comfort. I had them shipped home, so I won’t get to try them on until go back.




  • homeopathic support
  • skin brushing
  • exercise (too much walking)
  • sunlight


Night sweat.

Too much walking today. Long before I headed home, I could feel it in my lower back. It was a bearable ache that increased slowly. The worst part was not the back pain, but that I felt like I had a hemorrhoid after I walked too much. (It went away in my sleep overnight).

I came back from the mall walk totally spaced out. I could barely think. It was like all my energy got used up by walking. My sister kept catching me staring off into space. I made myself stay up until 10pm so that I would sleep through the night. I had a worse headache than usual. I was too tired to deal with the coil machine.

The only other interesting symptom is that I have turkey-soup smelling urine. Lyme-pee.


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