Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

Happy Halloween

I feel pretty alive today. That’s one of the ways I know the coiling is working.  I got up this morning and came up with a costume, which I wore all day, including to the Jackson Heights Halloween Parade for all the children in the neighborhood.

Rose as Tonks disapparating

Other years, I’ve hobbled down to the parade, cane in hand, and sat on a portable seat carried by one of my friends. Sometimes I would wear a mask.

But not today. It felt fun to be someone else. I even had a wand and was casting spells. I’m not sure if people could recognize who I was unless they were Harry Potter fans. I saw several Gryffindors in the parade and even a few Harrys. But as was true for the past several years, Spiderman was a very popular costume.

Doctor Visit

I went to a new gynecologist today. I didn’t have high hopes after the one I saw 2 years ago. But this time, the doctor was very much up on the treatment of PCOS and understood that she should follow up with me on it. She asked if I would take some  blood tests to see if it was coming from a problem in my adrenals (DHEA) or my pancreas (Insulin) or my ovaries (testosterone) and if my thyroid has been affected. I appreciated having someone look into all that for me. I also like having a fresh set of eyes on my long term problems.


Starting the Lyme coiling cycle for the week. I changed how I’m doing the back of my legs. Now I do my butt and heels at the same time, then my upper thigh and lower calf together. I accomplish both of these by bending my knees while lying on my stomach. Then I straighten my legs and do the backs of my knees and the surrounding calf/thigh areas.

  • Candida, chest, 2 minutes; abdomen, 10 minutes
  • Bartonella, chest, 2 minutes; abdomen, 5 minutes
  • Lyme, 3 minutes on the 3 sections of the backs of my legs; 3 minutes each on the front of my feet, my shins, my knees and the fronts of my thighs; 2 minutes on my sacrum


  • skin brushing
  • biomat
  • diatomaceous earth


Today my biggest issues are PMS: abdominal cramps, headache, irritability, each coming and going over the course of the day. I had a good 7 hours straight of sleep with no bathroom breaks. That was nice.

Tonight, my headache is worse than during the day and my eyes hurt.


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