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Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

The First Year of Coiling For Babesia


Yesterday I entered my coiling times for all the different infections I’ve been working on. This morning, having now learned how to use the program Numbers, the Apple alternative to MS Excel, I made graphs for the different infections.

On a side note, Numbers is easier to use than Excel, and I’m very proficient in Excel. Yet I learned to used Numbers in less than two hours last night, watching a online tutorial (or two) then trying things out. I have a legitimate copy of Excel that I paid for because back when I used to use Appleworks, it drove me nuts, not being able to do everything I could do in the MicroSoft productivity suite. Now, I’m about ready to shell out the money for iWorks because it works better, even though I already paid too much for MicroSoft Office (6 years ago, but it still works). Live and learn.


When I first got the coil machine, I spent time playing with it. Literally trying different frequencies to see what effect they had on me. Babesia made my heart race and pound in only 15 seconds. When the cardiac symptoms went away, I got killer headaches.

I tried using Babesia on my hands, because I heard that sometimes hand and wrist pain were caused by Babesia. My hands felt better for about 24-48 hours, but the symptoms always came back. I figured I needed to tackle the main sources of infection before I could make progress on any symptoms in peripheral body parts.

I heard that I needed to coil for Babesia every other day, then every day, once I had reduced the load to handle that frequency of herxing. I knew I had to build up to it, somehow getting from 15 seconds on a major blood source to 10 minutes over my heart, which hypothetically would allow me to coil my entire blood supply.

Early on, I coiled half the time on my liver (another area with lots of blood pumping through) and half the time on my heart and lungs. I figured I would cover plenty of my blood supply that way.

By the time I reached 5 minutes total, I was coiling for Babesia everyday. I thought I could get away with every other day, but I would get dead tired for days on end. I remembered that, back when I was on antibiotics, the only thing that could get rid of soul-deep exhaustion was anti-malarial drugs for Babesia. So I took a stab in the dark and tried coiling more frequently for Babesia. After a few days of unbearable headaches, the fatigue lightened up. Unrelenting fatigue became my indicator that I needed to increase the time I was coiling for Babesia.

In May, I reached 10 minutes total on my liver and chest. The fatigue came back. So I decided to learn more, to guide my coiling time increases.

I read about Babesia infecting bone marrow, most particularly red bone marrow (as opposed to the yellow kind). I knew I needed to add coiling time for my entire skeleton. I started with my shoulder blades, but that turned out to be way too intense, rendering my arms and hands almost useless. I backed off and decided to do my ilium first. Once the herxes from 4 minutes to cover my ilium calmed down, I added my shoulder blades in, 15 seconds on each side every other day. The reaction wasn’t as bad when I eased into it this way, slowly building up to 30 seconds on each shoulder blade, and 30 seconds in the front on my actual shoulder.

Over the summer, I slowly added time by adding new bones to the routine. Then towards the end of September, the fatigue started up again, really as soon as I was done adjusting to life without florinef (a blood pressure raising medication). In a few weeks, I increased my coiling time to 19 minutes. The fatigue came back again.

When I had spoken to someone who had kicked Babesia completely with a coil machine, he said that for his rather severe infection, he needed to coil twice a day towards the end. I knew that I should try the same approach. Some suggest that the Babesia protozoa multiply more rapidly when they don’t “hear” enough biochemical signals from the rest of their compatriots in a host. The trick is to kill them faster than they reproduce.

In one week, I increased my coiling program to 22 minutes twice a day. That was a lot of coiling. But the fatigue went away. Any time I skipped a session or a day, I would get really bad headaches for the next two or three days while I made up lost ground, having given the protozoa too much time to reproduce. (Babesia Coiling Protocol)

My last “skipped” sessions were on New Year’s Eve because I was on the road. Then I only had two weeks before a planned coiling break. I had heard over and over that one needs to coil at least 2-3 weeks past the last Babesia herx. I had a herx from skipping, and I only had two weeks to make sure this infection didn’t ruin my vacation.

My solution? Coil 3 times a day. I added in an extra 10 minutes in the middle of the day, bringing my total coiling time for Babesia to 54 minutes a day for a week.

Did it work?

I think so. I didn’t have days and days of unrelenting fatigue after I stopped. I didn’t get a reaction when I coiled for Babesia again 2 weeks later.

I still get tired, bone tired, but it only lasts a day. With rest, I can get up again eventually. My cardiac symptoms: being winded after moderate exercise (like stairs), pounding heartbeats, rapid and irregular heartbeats, very low blood pressure; have more or less gone away unless there are other triggers (like PMS). My headaches are not as sharp and in a different location on my head. The light sensitivity has diminished dramatically. I have fewer disturbingly violent dreams.

None of the symptoms are completely gone. But I still have Bartonella to contend with and the Lyme isn’t gone yet either.

What happens now?

From what I understand, Babesia has a dormant form. For some people it reappears after 3 or 4 months. For some people it takes longer. Once I notice the symptoms coming back, I’ll have to jump into coiling 44 minutes a day again for a month or maybe longer. I might be able to eradicate the infection in 2 rounds, some people say it took them 4 or more rounds, but that it can be completely removed over time.

My personal theory is that once the Babesia infection is small enough, the activity of the Lyme bacteria can keep it suppressed. So to really get rid of Babesia, I’ll have to get rid of the Lyme infection first, or have long periods of time when it is inactive.

We’ll see if that’s true.


  • Candida, chest, 2 minutes; abdomen, 10 minutes
  • Bartonella, chest, 2 minutes; abdomen, 5 minutes


  • skin brushing
  • rest
  • nap (1.5 hours)
  • biomat (~2 hours)
  • kombucha


I am very swollen. My abdomen and hips and breast and even arms are bloated with water. I am suffering from PMS symptoms that I’ve read about but not experienced before. I have mild cramps on and off all day and gas to accompany unhappy intestines.

My acupuncturist warned me this month would be a doozy when she saw me last week. She was right. I’m getting nervous.

I’m having other problems, too. I woke up too early after 7 hours of sleep. I had the typical Bartonella symptoms of pain in my feet that felt like standing on knives when I first got up. My shoulders, wrists and neck got tired out and painful this morning after I made the graphs and wrote the main part of this post. I even got the beginnings of a migraine after being at the computer for an hour. I ended up taking a nap because the light sensitivity got really intense really fast when my headache came on.

I’ve been slower, moody and sad the rest of the day, with a break in the melancholy when I ate dinner with my parents and watched the Superbowl half-time show.

I’m hoping my period comes soon so I can start on Bartonella and begin making progress again.


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3 replies

  1. Great report, very helpful. Thank you for sharing..!

  2. I am relapsing. For a couple of wonderful months I thought I was cured! I have this same coil machine…same illnesses. Lyme, Bart, Babs, Candida. It’s as if I could have written this site. I am sooo very frustrated right now with the “acceptance” process of understanding that I was NOT cured, I was in remission. 😦 Anyway, I thank you for sharing your story.

    • Thank you for sharing your experience. I’ve spoken to several other people who have used the coil machine for longer than I have. Each one has told me it is a 3 to 5 year process with several “relapses” as the dormant forms of the different infections become active again. Since I used antibiotics for so long (about 3 years) I assume I have a lot of dormant bacteria just waiting to pounce once I get through the first round of killing everything off. So far, I’ve only gotten rid of Babesia (for now) and I’m waiting for it to flare again. I’ve had periods of weeks when the Lyme was dormant, but then it came back again at the next seasonal flare, just with lower intensity symptoms than previously.

      I wish you luck in fully curing yourself and healing your body.

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